A Former Evangelical on Evangelicalism


Adam Kotsko is a 39-year-old theologian, a graduate of an evangelical college (Olivet Nazarene College in Illinois), and a former evangelical.   Check out his N+1 magazine piece on growing-up evangelical.  It’s a great piece.  Here is the paragraph that resonated with me the most:


FROM A CERTAIN PERSPECTIVE, you could say that my experience in the evangelical movement was damaging. I have spent a lot of time wishing things had gone differently—that my parents had never been “called” to our church, that I had found the courage to quit youth group earlier, that I hadn’t chosen an evangelical college. But at this point, asking to undo all that damage would mean asking to become a different person. I have always had and will always have an evangelical mind, even if I have found a new and unanticipated use for it. Evangelicalism gave me my desire for integrity and authenticity, my sense that my life should be filled with mission and purpose, even my intellectual curiosity. It gave me all the desires that continue to shape my life, even if the movement itself systematically refused to fulfill any of them.

Read the entire piece here.