The Court Evangelicals Convene in Washington for a “Brief” on the “Remarkable Accomplishments” of the Trump Administration

Court Evangelicals at TableThe court evangelicals were back in the court this week.  According to a piece at the Christian Broadcasting Network, the court evangelicals were in Washington so Trump could “brief” them “on the “continuing, remarkable accomplishments of this administration–especially in areas important to evangelicals.”

Sounds like an effort by Trump to shore up his base in preparation for 2020.   Everyone around the table in the picture above is a political pawn.

And like any good court evangelical, they all made sure that everyone knew they were there. Here are some of their tweets:

It is at this point that I might copy a tweet from Pastor Greg Laurie, but he blocked me.

Court Evangelicals at White House

L to R: Greg Laurie, Gary Bauer, Luke Barnett, Jenetzen Franklin, Samuel Rodriguez

By the way, did I mention that Eerdmans will publish the paperback version of Believe Me: The Evangelical Road to Donald Trump in January 2020?  I have an entire chapter on the court evangelicals.

Believe Me 3d