Court Evangelical Eric Metaxas Weighs In on Impeachment


The Eric Metaxas Show started this week with a discussion of impeachment.  His guest was John Zmirak, a conservative commentator and editor of a website called “The Stream.”  Read more about him here.

Zmirak makes several comments, all of which Metaxas (wholeheartedly) supports:

  • Zmirak says that supporters of impeachment are trying to overthrow the democratic process and punish America for voting wrong in 2016.  Well, actually, in the 2018 midterm the American people voted to give the Democrats control of the House of Representatives. So, to use the same logic, Zmirak is actually punishing America for voting wrong in 2018.
  • Zmirak echoes Dinesh D’Souza-style attacks on Barack Obama by claiming Obama was a “post-colonial Marxist.”  Really?  Ask a real Socialist whether or not Obama was a Marxist.  This is fear-mongering.
  • Zmirak says that Democrats talked about Obama in “messianic terms.” And then Metaxas actually says that unlike the Democrats did with Obama, he has never talked about Trump in “messianic terms.”  Well, I guess it depends what you mean by “messianic terms.”  I never heard anyone connect Barack Obama to the Judeo-Christian Messiah as discussed in the Bible.  But I have heard a lot of conservative evangelicals talk about Trump as a divinely-appointed savior of America.
  • Zmirak and Metaxas suggest that Americans ignored Obama’s Marxism because Obama was black.
  • Zmirak and Metaxas suggest that those who support impeachment of Trump are “un-American” and “genocidal.”
  • Both men give credence to the “deep state”–the secret Illuminati trying to undermine Trump.  Of course they ignore Mitch McConnell and the members of the GOP who attended this meeting.
  • Both men suggest that the Democrats are trying to undermine Christianity. They suggest that it is impossible to support impeachment and also identify as a Christian.
  • On a side note, Metaxas calls the Vatican “the whore of Babylon” and “evil.”
  • Metaxas spends an hour talking about impeachment without saying a word about Trump’s call to the Ukrainian president.

I don’t think most rank and file members of the Democratic Party, or the nearly half of Americans who want to impeach Trump, would recognize the straw man that these men have erected in this interview.  Again, fear-mongering 101.  Typical fare for court evangelical Eric Metaxas. Listen here.