Is Donald Trump the Antichrist?

Donald J. Trump, Taking Over The Big Apple

Check out Sarah Jones’s playful piece at New York Magazine in the wake of Trump’s recent “chosen one” comments.

So could Trump be the Antichrist? Look, anything is possible. I will tell you what my father once told me. Satan walks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour. (For the record, I don’t recommend saying this to a child, especially not after she tells you that she had a dream about a witch who eats people.) The point is that Satan is devious, and his works can be found anywhere. Trump could indeed be his agent, and that would make him an antichrist, if not the Antichrist.

The distinction is relevant. As Hannah Gais pointed out in the Outline last year, the term initially identified “those who refused to confess Christ’s presence on Earth or his divinity.” But the eschatology popular with many conservative Evangelicals holds that there is one Antichrist, who will bring about Armageddon. Biblical literalists of a certain stripe have long speculated that a president would make an ideal Antichrist, though this interpretation is not universal. The Left Behind series, which terrorized Christian youth groups in the late 1990s and early 2000s, gives us an Antichrist from Romania, who exists thanks to genetic experimentation by a Satanic cult.

Read the rest here. I don’t know if Trump is the Antichrist, but one could certainly make the case that he is anti-Christ.

8 thoughts on “Is Donald Trump the Antichrist?

  1. Christian,

    1. How can you state that “…Evangelical Protestantism’s apostasy from Christianity is now formal.” Was there a revival of The Council of Trent which convened and formally made that determination? Furthermore, since Evangelical Protestantism is not monolithic or organizationally formalized, how can the entire movement be uniformly declared apostate?

    2. .When was Trump proclaimed or crowned as “King of Israel?” I never saw it in any news source.



  2. There will be many antichrists and there will be the last Antichrist according to the New Testament and the Holy Fathers. These ideas do not contradict in the least. The French Revolution, Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy, and Soviet Communism were previous embodiments of Antichrist ideology. Now, we can add Evangelical Protestantism as a new embodiment of Antichrist ideology, and also a foreshadowment of if not the actual deception to deceive if possible the Christian Elect.


  3. Antichrist is the ultimate rival of Lord Jesus Christ, and must mirror Lord Jesus Christ in many ways, including being Jewish just as Lord Jesus Christ is Jewish. Donald Trump is a forerunner of Antichrist in two ways: foreshadowing how Antichrist will court Christians in deceit so that he may lead them away from Christ God and into perdition and foreshadowing how a supposed Christian ally will proclaim himself King of Israel and second coming of God. Donald Trump very possible might be an ancestor of Antichrist!

    Anyway, given that Evangelical Protestants STILL adhere to Nazi Donald Trump, who now proclaims himself King of Israel and second coming of God, Evangelical Protestantism’s apostasy from Christianity is now formal. Any Evangelical Protestant who wishes to follow Christ God must now abandon Evangelical Protestantism and at the least join a mainline Protestant denomination.


  4. There is a Johannine letter in the New Testament which corrects the popular notion that there is a single Antichrist coming in the future, and offers the better understanding that there are many types of antichrist already present in the world in which we live. Nevertheless in popular imagination the Antichrist remains a uniquely anointed global political leader who will persecute and manipulate Christians during the so-called final days, and its true that every generation of Christians since the dawn of Christianity has produced new figures to vilify as “THE Antichrist.” In 2009 or so my evangelical mother suggested to me that maybe Obama was the Antichrist, and so the irony of this moment now with Trump and his evangelical base is not lost on me.

    There is no real doubt in my mind that Trump is the kind of leader and human being the biblical authors would have considered to be the hierarchical antithesis of Jesus, given the president’s flagrant personal devotion to money, power, and accolades, as well as his appropriation of evangelicalism as a vehicle for political power. His recent messianic language and the manipulative use of Israel and Judaism as a political instrument on the world stage is a nice, unsettling touch. I don’t expect Donald Trump to end the world in full-blown “Left Behind” style, but he is doing a real good job of misleading huge groups of self-identified Christians away from the teachings of Christ on forgiveness, humility, kindness, honesty, and fidelity, and towards an unfortunate and ruinous end. Historically speaking Donald Trump is not the first politically-motivated narcissist to do this on a massive scale, and I doubt he will be the last, but his is certainly the type of anti-Christian behavior scripture warns Christians about in the strongest possible language.


  5. I got burned out on “Pin-the-Tail-on-The-Antichrist” almost 50 years ago.

    “during WW2 it was obviously Hitler…”
    Actually a lot of End Times types passed over Hitler in favor of Mussolini. Being a fanboy of all things Roman Empire, Il Duce officially renamed Italy and its colonies “The New Roman Empire”. Which fitted right in with the contemporary Rapture Ready interpretations that the Beast would rule a New Roman Empire. So Hitler was there only to conquer the world and hand it all over to the True Antichrist who would fulfill Prohecy, Mussolini.

    One of the things that broke Hal Lindsay’s hold on my brain was reading back in history and discovering that these Prophecy fanboys had less of a hit rate than The National Enquirer‘s annual “Celebrity Psychic Predictions for the Coming Year”.


  6. Add to history the long list of guesses as to who or what is the AntiChrist! Through the various centuries there have been many opinions; During the Reformation many said it was the pope, Arthur Pink said it would be someone from Jewish ancestry. Then, during WW1 it was the Kaiser, during WW2 it was obviously Hitler, and recently it was Obama. I guess many could now postulate that Trump is, of course!

    It may ultimately be some individual or even a ‘government system’ that ultimately fulfills this prophecy. I won’t place my bet or hold my breath.


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