Southern Baptist Anti-Social Justice Warriors and Race


In a recent piece at Christianity Today, two Southern Baptists theologians–Jarvis J. Williams and Curtis A. Woods–called out white supremacy and racism and offered a way for Christians to combat it.

Albert Mohler, the president of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, endorsed the Williams and Woods’s piece with this tweet:

And then came the critical tweets:

I am guessing that these tweeters endorse this video.

Jemar Tisby, author of Color of Compromise: The Truth about the American Church’s Complicity in Racism called them it out.


2 thoughts on “Southern Baptist Anti-Social Justice Warriors and Race

  1. I am starting to wonder if the Southern Baptist Convention ought to just put itself out of its misery and disband. Don’t any of the factions posting on this matter have more productive avenues for their energies? Is it any wonder that baptisms are down statistically?

    It’s almost humorous in my area. The really successful church starts are for the most part totally independent of any denominational ties. The Southern Baptist’s have observed this pattern and have managed to do a couple of stealth church starts. The organizers decide upon a church name which doesn’t remotely use the word Baptist. Visitors are often told that the doctrine is baptistic in nature, but there is almost an avoidance at mentioning anything about broader denominational ties. When one sees all of this foolishness which Mohler and the others are doing, is it any wonder that new local congregations try to conceal their full identity?


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