“Imagine if the Christian Right started offering mere ‘thoughts and prayers’ to end abortion”

Pro Life Feminists

Some of you read this post from yesterday.

A condensed version of this post appeared today as an op-ed in The Washington Post.

3 thoughts on ““Imagine if the Christian Right started offering mere ‘thoughts and prayers’ to end abortion”

  1. John,

    A number of liberals and secularists (Cory Booker, Bill Maher, and others) have hostilely dismissed the concept of “thoughts and prayers” for victims of tragedies. Interestingly, non theistic New Agers, often speak of sending “positive energies” toward certain people or institutions. No doubt, Marianne Williamson would have plenty of nice things to say about this practice.

    Back in the 1970s when I was still a bachelor, I became tired of my unimaginative cooking and took a vegetarian cooking class taught by a mystical husband and wife team. On graduation night we cooked a big dinner, but instead of a prayer of thanksgiving the class paused for something else. The female member of the teacher team asked us to stare intently at our plates for ten or fifteen seconds in order to put good vibes into the food before eating. “Like far out, man!”


  2. At least gun violence victims get thoughts and prayers. Anyone concerned with the carnage of pollution (which kills more people than murder and war combined) just get told “God is sovereign”. How do you think the religious right would react to getting that treatment?
    “Abortion kills hundreds of thousands of unborn a year!”
    “God is sovereign, yes? He can surely protect and preserve his Children.”


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