The United States Can Do So Much Better Than Donald Trump

Trump Morristown

20 were dead in El Paso.  Upon learning of  this fact, Donald Trump, the President of the United States, spent the day at his golf club typing into his Twitter feed.

Here was his first tweet after El Paso:

He followed-up with this:

Then he retweeted this:

He continued to play footsie with one of his favorite court evangelicals:

Then Trump crashed a wedding.

Trump finally sent some supportive tweets this morning after he learned about the shootings in Dayton.  He recently made some brief comments to the press before boarding a plane for Washington.

A few tweets.  A reference to “mental illness” on an airport tarmac.  This is all his followers need to defend him as empathetic and concerned about what happened this weekend.

And none of what I have written above touches on the way Trump empowers white supremacists with his bombastic language about the border, immigrants, and refugees.

4 thoughts on “The United States Can Do So Much Better Than Donald Trump

  1. Now the President is saying it’s the fault of “fake news” who stoke up these people. Maybe he means the media is at fault for accurately reporting the fake things he tweets about immigrants?


  2. What should we expect from a president who is a self-promoting refugee from an unreality TV show? Not a lot in the way of leadership that leads anywhere we should want to go.
    Some people are thrust into leadership roles they seem unprepared for and grow into them. Lincoln was one who was thought overmatched by many.
    I hope he doesn’t get elected or quasi elected to a second term. I don’t think he shows signs of getting anywhere but worse.


  3. Trump’s criticism of the El Paso shooter is that he was “cowardly,” which makes it sound as if he doesn’t disapprove of the act, just the way he did it. As in: “it’s cowardly to shoot someone in the back. Next time give them a sporting chance.”

    What’s cowardly is to pretend you haven’t been the inspiration for numerous mass shooters, or to pretend you don’t know why this is happening or that you can do anything to stop it.


  4. Just to you – not publication – I reposted on fb your review of trump’s speech at Jamestown and many of my conservative friends reposted it based on the headline I suppose! Kinda a joke on them I guess.

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