Trump is Going to Jamestown Tomorrow


Jamestown, Virginia will commemorate the 400th anniversary of the first representative government in British America.  Donald Trump will be there.  Virginia’s black lawmakers will not.

Here is a taste of Gregory Schneider’s piece at The Washington Post:

Virginia’s black state lawmakers will boycott Tuesday’s commemoration of 400 years of representative democracy, saying the Jamestown event “will be tarnished unduly” by the participation of President Trump.

“It is impossible to ignore the emblem of hate and disdain that the President represents,” the Virginia Legislative Black Caucus said in a statement Monday. The group said Trump “continues to make degrading comments toward minority leaders, promulgate policies that harm marginalized communities, and use racist and xenophobic rhetoric.”

And in a direct challenge to Gov. Ralph Northam (D), Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax (D), the rest of the Democratic Party as well as Republicans, the caucus said: “Those who have chosen to attend and remain silent are complicit in the atrocities that he incites.”

Northam is slated to begin day-long festivities at a 7:30 a.m. ceremony on the site of the original English colony at Jamestown Island, but his office said he never intended to be present for the 11 a.m. session featuring Trump. Attorney General Mark R. Herring (D) will also be present with Northam for that event.

Read the rest here.

I imagine that Trump will have a lot to say about the Virginia General Assembly (which would eventually become the House of Burgesses) as a forerunner of American democratic government.  While this is true to an extent, the General Assembly was run by the wealthy tobacco planters of  colonial Virginia.  In other words, it was far from a “democratic” government.  The member of the Assembly were chosen because they had elite family connections and land.

Moreover, I am guessing that Trump will not be in Virginia next month to commemorate the 400th anniversary of the first slaves to arrive on British-American shores.

9 thoughts on “Trump is Going to Jamestown Tomorrow

  1. I have read one line from the speech. It may be they got “TelePrompTer Trump” today. Hopefully no malfunctions.
    I am sure he recounted historical events from the vast treasure troves gained from his study.


  2. I know. The President can address the importance of protecting the election process in a government like ours. He can announce a huge plan to prevent outside interference and manipulation.

    He can also disavow his wildly inflated claims of illegal immigrants voting.

    Now that would be something.


  3. You mean if he stops using lanquage that has always been used for demeaning bigoted racial purposes will people stop pinning the racist tag on him? That would take time and I think require him for once in his life to have a genuine repentant change.
    Let’s not hold our breaths.


  4. Jeff,

    I concur that language can be misused by everyone——far beyond the point of reasonable hyperbole. Here’s my proposed deal. If Trump will stop some of his inflammatory language, will the other side stop some of its unreasonable linguistic gymnastics such as “racism”, “concentration camps”, “child abuse”, “Russian collaborator”, etc? We can all wish for it, but let’s not hold our breath.

    I admire Trump for his lack of reticence to punch back when he is falsely maligned. Earlier Republicans either kept quiet (George W. Bush) or cowered with their tails between their legs (Mitt Romney.) Trump won’t play by the accepted media-Democrat rules, and they don’t know how to deal with it. It is sending them over the edge psychologically.


  5. But the other end of the spectrum has a real danger too. Normalization of abnormal words.
    The man can’t allow himself to seriously address election interference because he feels it cast doubts on his election.

    He says he and a ruthless dictator “fell in love”.

    He spoke of plans he has prepared to wipe a nation we are not at war with, Afghanistan, off the map. But is holding back because he doesn’t want to “kill 10 million people, ok?”. That’s nice of him.

    Making up excuses for his pretty much daily fails is irrational.


  6. Tony,

    Excellent and witty post from you! You summed the scene up well; the hysteria of the anti-Trumpers is almost pathological. I have never seen anything like it. I can still recall the Nixon-hatred of the elites and their pawns in the media. Even that does not reach their current emotional undoing.


  7. “Atrocities.”

    “You keep using that word (and others like it). I do not think it means what you think it means.”

    This sort of rhetoric — Concentration camps! Pol Pot! Complicity in storm troopers rounding up dissident bloggers, Ilhan Omar and Max Boot at Panera! — has become the droning, meaningless Charlie Brown adult voice of our strange political moment. Most normal folks not afflicted with 24/7 Trump monomania just tune it out. It’s impossible to take seriously. It’s not meant to be taken seriously. It’s the mandatory 2 Minute Hate, emoting one’s #Resistance bona fides.

    I increasingly wonder: just what are these constantly hyperventilating people going to do if Trumpus Maximus Atrocitus, gulp … wins again?
    The horror! Prepare for Kubrickian elevators filled with blood.

    This level of political delirium is not healthy. Sure, protest Trump. Call him out. Raise consciousness. Never surrender. Rage against the dying of the light. All that. And maybe think about winning the next election (hint: run a better candidate) instead of trying to undo the last one.

    What’s that? Trump just tweeted something else which justifies impeachment? Carry on.


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