4 thoughts on “The Trump Women From Dallas Are Back

  1. “Trump can’t be racist because “he dated a black woman for two years.””

    Does that mean Thomas Jefferson wasn’t racist because he ‘dated’ one of his slaves?


  2. Your point is well-taken. “Cross-section” was a poor choice of wording on my part as it carries the connotation of a randomly chosen statistical sampling group. The panel was clearly identified as being composed of Trump-supporting GOP women. I was referring more specifically to particular affiliation with one or more campaign organizations, but that is probably a moot point.


  3. CNN has repeatedly gone back to this particular panel at various times, and the network has been under some criticism for not being more clear that these are not simply a cross-section of “Republican women,” they are all individuals who are actively involved in one or more Trump support/campaign groups. It is perfectly legitimate for CNN to interview them and ask about their views, I see no issue there, the concern is more that CNN should be more clear that the panel members are active campaigners with “skin in the game.”

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