Beware of Social Justice Warriors and Women Preachers


Tom Ascol of Founders Ministries

The anti-social justice warriors and complementarians are at it again.

Here is Religion News Service:

(RNS)  — A video posted by Founders Ministries, a neo-Calvinist evangelical group, paints Bible teacher Beth Moore, Southern Baptist ethicist Russell Moore, a former president of the Southern Baptist Convention and the SBC’s current leader as part of a conspiracy to introduce social justice advocacy into evangelical churches.

The video, posted on the Founders Ministries website, intersperses images and comments from a number of Southern Baptist leaders with commentary from Tom Ascol, president of the group.

“I see godless ideologies that have spread across Western civilization over the last decades with a vengeance, to tell us what we are supposed to be seeing, ” said Ascol in the video. “Many of these ideologies have been smuggled into many evangelical churches and organizations through the Trojan horse of social justice.”

Read the rest here.

Some Southern Baptist leaders who appear in the trailer are not happy about it:


5 thoughts on “Beware of Social Justice Warriors and Women Preachers

  1. Why do members of all stripes remain within the SBC? Historic Baptist polity really doesn’t require a formal broader affiliation within a larger body of congregations. Apologists for the Convention will no doubt argue that the cooperative programs are worth it. That is a debatable matter.

    I personally wouldn’t want a dime of my monetary offerings supporting the Russell Moores and others of the SBC’s bureaucracy. There are better ways to use resources.


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