Calvinists and Their Christian America Cruises


Check out Jack Jenkins’s recent piece at Religion News Service.  I had never heard of these cruises until Jack called me the other day.  Here is a taste:

There aren’t many cruise “experience” directors who spend their days defending what is described as America’s Judeo-Christian heritage and promoting “nation-ism” — a version of nationalism that champions “the right of self governance and the right of people to be self-governed.”

But Michael O’Fallon does, and he argues both are under attack by the Open Society Foundation, founded by billionaire philanthropist George Soros. He often says as much on his website,, as well as through conferences with speakers who range from controversial psychologist Jordan Peterson to a slate of evangelical Christians of the Calvinist variety.

And when he has some spare time, he goes on a cruise — like a recent journey to the Galapagos Islands, which O’Fallon recently highlighted on his personal Facebook page.

“On a strikingly blue day, we came ashore to hike and explore the home of Marine Iguanas, the Galapagos Albatross, the Blue-Footed Booby, the Red-Footed Booby, the Magnificent frigatebird and the ever-present Pacific seals,” wrote O’Fallon, who is both CEO of Sovereign Nations and owner of Sovereign Cruises and Events LLC, which runs vacation excursions for religious and political groups, alike.

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6 thoughts on “Calvinists and Their Christian America Cruises

  1. Jim in STL,

    We’ll, you have to figure that even if the list of speakers included a couple of men or women from the Institute for Creation Research, it would create a provocative contrast to the Darwinian material.

    “He that is first in his own cause seemeth just; but his neighbor cometh and searcheth him.” Proverbs 18:17


  2. John,
    I concur with your thinking on the formation of the country, but I wonder if most of the cruise is focused on today’s issues or simply on theology or Bible. I’d like to get another perspective on it other than the sole word of ReligionNews Service. Maybe these cruise organizations post an on line list of speakers and topics?


  3. James: If these cruises are promoting the idea that the United States was founded as a Christian nation and needs to be reclaimed then it is not very “intellectual rigorous.”


  4. “How can a visitor avoid exposure to Darwinism on a trip to these fabled islands?”

    Don’t fret James. People that want to remain ignorant will find a way. People can be very creative that way. They will be OK.


  5. Like Dr. Fea I had never heard of these cruises, but they are probably very stimulating and provide more than one viewpoint. After all, the article states that Alan Keyes, a Roman Catholic, has had past connections to the organization. Then we learn that a cruise to the Galápagos Islands was offered. How can a visitor avoid exposure to Darwinism on a trip to these fabled islands?

    I am not a Five-Pointer, but it’s been my experience that most of the serious adherents of this theology are intellectually rigorous and well-studied men.


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