The National Association of Evangelicals Responds to the Border Crisis


Here is the official statement:

“As evangelical Christians, we believe that all people — regardless of their country of origin or legal status — are made in the image of God and should be treated with dignity and respect. Overcrowded and unsanitary conditions are inappropriate for anyone in detention, but particularly for children, who are uniquely vulnerable. Jesus reserves some of his strongest words of judgment for those who subject children to harm,” the leaders say in the letter, which was organized by the Evangelical Immigration Table.

Evangelicals are welcome to add their names to the letter here.

In the letter, evangelical leaders ask the administration and Congress to:

  • Immediately appropriate adequate funding and deploy appropriately trained staff to care for children and families who are held in temporary processing facilities and in facilities for unaccompanied children;
  • Respect and enforce the protections of U.S. asylum laws, ensuring that no one with a credible fear of torture or persecution “on account of race, religion, nationality, membership in a particular social group, or political opinion” is returned to their country of origin or forced to remain in unsafe third countries, and that all asylum seekers are afforded due process and treated humanely throughout the process;
  • Minimize the use of detention, especially the detention of children, and utilize effective alternatives to detention to ensure that those with pending asylum cases show up for court; except in cases when there is a valid reason to suspect that an individual presents a threat to public safety, families should be allowed to rely upon sponsoring relatives and friends throughout the U.S., or upon the assistance of local churches and non-profit organizations, rather than being detained at taxpayer expense;
  • Invest in the personnel and facilities necessary to adjudicate asylum requests in a more fair and timely fashion, ensuring that qualifying individuals are more quickly afforded legal status and employment authorization and that those who do not meet the legal requirements for asylum will not be incentivized by the possibility of an extended stay in the U.S. to make a dangerous journey;
  • Restore and expand U.S. assistance to faith-based and other nongovernmental organizations focused on developing opportunities and reducing poverty, violence and corruption in the countries of El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras, so that fewer families will feel that they have no choice but to leave their homelands; and
  • Respect the unity of the family both in the context of border enforcement and within the interior of the United States, not separating children from their parent(s) except in the rarest of circumstances when it is necessary for the wellbeing of a child.

10 thoughts on “The National Association of Evangelicals Responds to the Border Crisis

  1. I think he has a system by which he assigns a different worth or likelihood of success and value adding to different people groups.


  2. Jeff,
    I am not sure how you define Aryan people. Are you saying that Trump does not like anyone outside of a select group of Northern Europeans? If that is your charge, it is easily refutable, Jeff.



  3. Jeff,
    The statement was simply the equivalent of a throw-away line. It said nothing which 99% of the world’s residents would disagree. It was a waste of paper and offered no creative thinking. Of course, it did provide a bit of superfluous virtue-signaling.


  4. What exactly different folks mean by “the border crisis” confuses things.

    For many the crisis is the difficult living conditions the many detainees are in. The crisis is their need for better conditions.

    For others, and I think the president leans this way, the crisis at the border is what aryan peoples living near the border are going through with all these non-aryan people slipping in among them and being a problem and danger for those aryan people.

    That’s the underlying thing.


  5. James, I really can’t figure what about what the NAE says is fair, humane treatment for people in the custody of US government authorities that you have an issue with. Your explanation doesn’t make sense to me.


  6. Jeff,
    The situation to which I am referring is the whole border crisis with illegal immigrants.

    The NAE statement is essentially meaningless. It is like saying that we all stand with George Reeves for “…truth, justice, and the American way.” Their next statement could well be something like, “We urge all Americans to enjoy themselves on Independence Day. Simply be careful to cook all chicken products thoroughly and be sure salads containing mayonnaise are not left unrefrigerated for extended periods of time.” Obviously, most of us agree with that advice, but I am still awaiting the punch line.


  7. What situation? It’s not an indictment but a statement of what they believe is required to humanely detain or house individuals and families.
    A government successfully doing so has no problems with this statement.


  8. Jeff,

    In my opinion, the statement does a cowardly indictment of everyone connected to the situation——-both parties, bureaucrats, field border agents, etc. Somehow, however, lobbyists in comfortable offices in D.C. are the only good guys. This statement was probably finished shortly before members of the NAE staff departed for a sumptuous lunch at one of the many quality restaurants in Washington.


  9. Do you find policies they back in there that you believe are very wrong?
    I could see it being possible some in the current administration being offended because isn’t the implication the current administration isn’t doing these things very well?


  10. The NAE has done a wonderful job of crafting a bland and gratuitous statement designed to offend no one while self-righteously stating the obvious. The main purpose of the statement seems to be designed to put the NAE on record as being a swell bunch of caring fellows. I wonder if the member denominations believe they are getting their money’s worth from this group.


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