19 thoughts on “Support the Making of This Documentary on Trump and Evangelicals

  1. Some folks I know, and I think some wallbuilders folks, paint a picture of the “founders” in a way that appeals to them.
    Many of these same people drool over videos and photos of Trump with the “faith leaders” closest to him. Especially when they are gathered in the Oval Office.
    I have a hard time picturing Presidents Washington, Adams, and Jefferson allowing themselves to be used that way or even remotely wanting to spend significant time with them.
    Maybe I am wrong, but from what I get from reading about these men that is what I think.


  2. I’m glad they bring up how Christian leaders are doing more harm to christian witness than atheists. I hope they elaborate on how climate denial is becoming an even bigger part of that. How christian leaders are the one’s saying ‘if climate change is real than God doesn’t exist’, ‘if climate change is real than the Bible is wrong’, or recently ‘if climate change is real than God doesn’t care about you’.


    • Alex,
      Are you saying that God does not exist if there is global warming? I need to get a better handle on your thinking.



          • James,
            I’d be happy to share specific claims made publicly by leaders of the church, but I hope you understand I can’t dox the leaders of the church by sharing claims they made privately.
            And Since I’m sure you’re going to try to explain them all away it might be easiest if I submit one at a time.

            For context the question was:
            Senator, we’re going to talk about your book for a minute, you state in your book which by the way is called The Greatest Hoax, you state in your book that one of your favorite Bible verses, Genesis 8:22, ‘while the earth remaineth seed time and harvest, and cold and heat, and summer and winter, and day and night shall not cease,’ what is the significance of these verses to this issue?

            James Inhofe’s reply: “Well actually the Genesis 8:22 that I use in there is that ‘as long as the earth remains there will be seed time and harvest, cold and heat, winter and summer, day and night,’ my point is, God’s still up there. The arrogance of people to think that we, human beings, would be able to change what He is doing in the climate is to me outrageous.”

            Claim 1: Genesis 8:22 says climate change wont happen.
            Said another way: If climate change happens than Genesis 8:22 is errant.
            Claim 2: Climate change is a hoax because God is still up there.
            Said another way: If climate change is not a hoax than God is not still up there.


            • Alex,

              If you list names of church leaders who made public statements about global warming and the Bible, that is not doxing. Even if the statements were made in a congregational setting, the speaker’s are presumably not attempting to remain anonymous.

              As far as the senator’s remarks, do you believe that Genesis Eight has anything authoritative to say to us?


          • There is no single statement that sums up the vast volumes of work done by Ken Ham to tie climate change to new earth theology, which he ties to the inerrancy of the Bible. Just search answersingenesis.org for climate change or global warming. Suffice it to say anyone who builds their understanding of the Bible on Kens teaching is going to have their minds explode when the realize CO2 does cause warming.
            Ken Ham teaches an inerrant interpretation of the Bible leads to the conclusion that climate change is caused by man’s sins, and NOT CO2.
            Said another way: If warming is caused by CO2 then the Bible is errent.


            • “If warming is caused by CO2, then the Bible is errent.”


              Ken Ham is wrong.

              To this point: I have never encountered a single person who “builds their understanding of the Bible” on Ken Ham’s teaching. Now, I’m sure they exist, in much the same way people exist who build their understanding of, say, the shape of the earth entirely on Kyrie Irving’s tweets, or the principles of metallurgy on the authoritative sciencey declarations of Rosie O’Donnell.

              Ken Ham is to “Christian leader” as Al Gore is to scientist.


            • Alex,
              I respectfully think that your great interest in environmentalism is clouding your ability to see much else in any reasonable perspective. You have turned a discussion of a polemical movie, presumably about racism and Donald Trump’s popularity, into a “green” crusade.


              • Yeah, I probably am off my rocker to have answered all your questions. That doesn’t mean promanent white evangelicals aren’t making the argument that if climate change is real than God doesn’t exist or He doesn’t care, and the Bible is wrong.


          • “I want to challenge my preacher brethren that are listening right now, I want to challenge deacons and Sunday school teachers who are listening right now, all across the nation. Don’t be deceived. Don’t be caught up with every wind of doctrine. Yes the temperatures are rising, and they will lower again, which does not mean we are going to have a global warming catastrophe or another ice age. It does not, because this is my Father’s world, the earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof, and as long as the earth remaineth, our text tell us, there will be spring, and there will be fall and there will be summer and there will be winter, and cold and hot. God has it all under control.”
            -Jerry Falwell Sr. in a 2007 sermon

            Claim 1: Global warming will not continue because it is God’s world.
            Said another way: If global warming continues it is not God’s world.
            Claim 2: Global warming will not continue because the Bible tells us so.
            Said another way: if global warming continues the Bible is wrong.


            • Alex,
              On your summary Claim 1, Falwell Sr. didn’t say global warming or global cooling would not happen. He did say that neither of them would radically alter the earth’s habitability snuffing out human life.
              Claim 2 is much the same. All Falwell said was that these possible changes would not stop basic seasonal patterns. No one said that the Bible is wrong if earth gets a bit warmer or a bit colder for that matter.
              May I ask you, Alex, why the glaciers receded before the advent of our the industrial age and long before Henry Ford? Is the Bible wrong because there was a meltdown before recorded history?


          • And finally, there are too many Christians to count who have ended a conversation about climate change by saying “God is in control”.

            That is the truth, but in the context the argument being made is a dangerous lie. The point being made is that the consequences of my actions are not my responsibility, but God’s. It’s teaching generations for millennia their suffering isn’t my fault, it’s God’s fault.


            • Alex,
              Few Christians are claiming that personal behavior does not have consequences. There is, however, a legitimate question about how much damage puny man can do to established climate patterns. God might cause another Ice Age for all we know.


  3. Two sentences into the teaser: “The religious right’s origins are in racism.”

    Well, this sure sounds like a sober, even-handed presentation. Yawn.


    • John,

      Maybe Marianne Williamson, Democrat presidential candidate, selected the music for the film. We need to check the music credits once the project is complete.


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