Biden Caves on the Hyde Amendment

Biden abortion

Princeton’s Robert George was right:

Biden, in a speech tonight in Atlanta, claimed that he is opposed to the Hyde Amendment.

Here is the Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

Former Vice President Joe Biden said Thursday he no longer supports a controversial ban that blocked the use of federal funds for some abortions, reversing a position that put him at odds with many Democrats.

The White House hopeful said at a national party fundraiser in Atlanta that anti-abortion measures adopted in Georgia and other states are a sign that Republicans are going to continue to push for more aggressive restrictions. 

Read the entire piece here.

5 thoughts on “Biden Caves on the Hyde Amendment

  1. I won’t be surprised if his opponents in the DEM primaries attack Biden’s duplicity on this matter. He will be on a debate stage with others who will “out abortion” him while pointing to his shameful flip flop.


    • Of course this will happen. But many of the candidates who oppose the Hyde Amendment are also on record in voting for every budget that includes the Hyde Amendment. Isn’t this a subtle endorsement?


      • Yes. That might open a door for Mayor Pete or one of the others who have no track record on national votes. He or one of the governors can play that hand.


  2. This isn’t a great look. Say something, get scolded by some people, then do a 180 the very next day. Repeat on multiple issues.


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