Biden Caves on the Hyde Amendment

Biden abortion

Princeton’s Robert George was right:

Biden, in a speech tonight in Atlanta, claimed that he is opposed to the Hyde Amendment.

Here is the Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

Former Vice President Joe Biden said Thursday he no longer supports a controversial ban that blocked the use of federal funds for some abortions, reversing a position that put him at odds with many Democrats.

The White House hopeful said at a national party fundraiser in Atlanta that anti-abortion measures adopted in Georgia and other states are a sign that Republicans are going to continue to push for more aggressive restrictions. 

Read the entire piece here.

5 thoughts on “Biden Caves on the Hyde Amendment

  1. Yes. That might open a door for Mayor Pete or one of the others who have no track record on national votes. He or one of the governors can play that hand.


  2. Of course this will happen. But many of the candidates who oppose the Hyde Amendment are also on record in voting for every budget that includes the Hyde Amendment. Isn’t this a subtle endorsement?


  3. I won’t be surprised if his opponents in the DEM primaries attack Biden’s duplicity on this matter. He will be on a debate stage with others who will “out abortion” him while pointing to his shameful flip flop.


  4. This isn’t a great look. Say something, get scolded by some people, then do a 180 the very next day. Repeat on multiple issues.


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