Court Evangelical Jerry Falwell Jr. Deletes Crude Tweet About David Platt

File Photo: U.S. Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump shakes hands with Jerry Falwell Jr. at a campaign rally in Council Bluffs, Iowa

Relevant magazine has it covered:

It appears that the president of Liberty University has deleted a crude tweet he sent to pastor and author David Platt.

Yesterday, he sent a tweet that read,  “Sorry to be crude but pastors like [David Platt] need to grow a pair. Just saying.” That tweet no longer appears on his timeline.


I am guessing there were economic considerations at work here.  Falwell must have come to the conclusion that the tweet was not good for Liberty University.

11 thoughts on “Court Evangelical Jerry Falwell Jr. Deletes Crude Tweet About David Platt

  1. Not really, John. I used the Matthew 23 quote to explain to Jeff that Jesus was not always “gracious” as we define the word in contemporary American circles. The Galatians reference was to show that the Bible can be earthy.

    As far as Jerry, Jr., I don’t think he should have made the remark. (I also don’t think Pastor Platt needed to send a letter of explanation to his flock, but that’s another matter.). To be honest with you I greatly miss the late Jerry, Sr. He was a folksy and affable man, two characteristics which are not so evident in his son.


  2. James, it seems like your criticism of Falwell Jr.’s tweet are mostly procedural and pragmatic. And I am still searching for the passage where Jesus told the Pharisees to “grow a pair.”


  3. Jeff: Falwell used the same rhetoric of apologizing in advance when he trashed Jimmy Carter as an awful president. I think he even used the phrase “just sayin’.”


  4. Interesting. At least Paul was angry about legalism harming the church and confusing the gospel.
    He didn’t go after someone because of a political agenda.


  5. Trump has a long-standing reputation of being blunt and crude himself. (It was part of his appeal in 2016; he was saying what everyone was thinking but was afraid to say.) In this case, JFJ was just imitating his real LORD.

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  6. Jeff,
    You are correct about Jesus on the barnyard verbiage, but St. Paul did not believe such language to be inappropriate. See Galatians 5: 11,12.


  7. Jeff,

    You are correct that young Falwell should not have commented on Pastor Platt’s Church. The crudeness of the remark added fuel to the fire, so to speak. Wasn’t it Horace Walpole who counseled people to, “…let sleeping dogs lie.” Jerry Jr. should have heeded this good advice.

    On the other hand, Christ was not always gracious to his adversaries. Matthew 23: 13-35 would probably banned on Facebook or Twitter today and fallaciously termed “hate speech.”



  8. A Christian who starts off writing or saying “Sorry to be crude but” should have little bells going off that they are in the verge of expressing something in a way they probably shouldn’t. It’s worse when writing it. It’s not like blurting something out. There is time to consider and delete first.
    But it’s not like the words themselves in that post were terrible. To me the issues are things like messing with a church you aren’t a part of.
    Another thing, Falwell is an example of American Christians who view so much as political beings first who use others loyalty to Trump as the gage. I admit to getting more and more frustrated by my Christian friends who come from a right wing Trumpian perspective on every issue going and thinking less and less from a Christian perspective.
    That is my opinion after being around a lot of conversations, and involved in many. It’s not that every thought they have is wrong in and of itself, but why and how they hold the views aren’t coming from the graciousness of Christ.


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