The Spiritual Journey of David Brooks

Brooks speaking

We have written a few things over the years about the faith of David Brooks.  See our posts here and here.

Sarah Pulliam Bailey has an interesting piece on Brooks at The Washington Post.  Here is a taste:

New York City evangelical pastor Tim Keller, who has been having conversations with Brooks for about five years, said that some evangelicals have been keenly interested in the faith of Brooks and Jordan Peterson, a Canadian psychologist who also has a large conservative following. (Peterson considers himself a Christian but whom some would consider unorthodox in his beliefs.)

“In their own different ways, they have platforms religious people don’t have anymore,” he said.

Even though one chapter of his new book includes his personal experience with faith, Brooks does not push a particularly religious message, Keller said.

“Brooks has the ear of a lot of people and is basically saying there has to be a higher allegiance than your individual self,” Keller said. “It’s not a call to repentance and see Jesus.”

Read the entire piece here.  Benjamin Wallace-Wells also has a piece on Brooks’s religious faith but I can’t get to it because it is behind the New Yorker paywall.