The Fox News Crowd Doesn’t Like Obama’s Use of the Phrase “Easter Worshippers”

Here is Obama’s tweet in the wake of the attacks on Sri Lankan Christians who were worshipping on Easter Sunday:

Apparently, some conservatives have a problem with Obama’s use of the phrase “Easter worshippers.”  Here is Ruth Graham at Slate:

To most people, former President Barack Obama’s tweet about the brutal terrorist attacks in Sri Lanka on Sunday read as standard post-presidential material: correct, sensible, and essentially anodyne.

But then some right-wingers noticed that other prominent figures on the left, including Hillary Clinton and Julián Castro, had used the phrase Easter worshippers too. Soon, a suspicion arose: “Easter worshippers” is a euphemism used by “people who don’t want to say ‘Christians.’ ” “We’re actually called Christians not ‘Easter worshippers’ wouldn’t hurt to maybe just say that,” a National Review writer tweeted. Obama and friends “could not bring themselves to identify the victims of the attacks as ‘Christians,’ ” Breitbart huffed, deeming the phrase a “Sympathy Snub.” An op-ed in the Washington Times called Obama and Clinton “anti-Christian.”

Some went further, interpreting the term Easter worshipper as a false claim that Christians worship the holiday of Easter. “We don’t worship Easter,” Laura Ingraham tweeted. “We worship Jesus Christ.” Others, including One America News Network host Jack Posobiec, claimed to have never heard the term Easter worshipper before Sunday.

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And then there is this:

Easter worshippers

Historian John Haas tells us what is really going on in this picture.  Here is his recent Facebook post:

Can’t imagine anything better designed to advance the Kingdom of God.

Let us count the ways this is so Christian:

a) uses claims about Christianity for partisan political purposes

b) leverages a petty complaint in the service of self-interested grievances

c) claims one of the seven deadly sins as a constituent characteristic for the movement

8 thoughts on “The Fox News Crowd Doesn’t Like Obama’s Use of the Phrase “Easter Worshippers”

  1. I went to church yesterday with a bunch of Sunday worshippers. Up north of us, there’s a bunch of Saturday worshippers associated with Andrews University (they have Advent every seventh day, apparently–weird). Next to my church there’s a bunch of Friday worshippers. If Sam Harris is right, one day we’ll all go to war with one another over which day of the week should be worshipped. Right now, a tense peace prevails: We’re all still in shock over the Bowling Green Massacre.


  2. “It’s almost as absurd as Mueller/Russia/Free college/The Green New Deal…but not quite.”

    mmmm thanks for the false equivalences Mark, they really drive home how immersed in grievance culture you are.


  3. Please tell me this isn’t a serious, or even real, issue. All of us who worshiped together at our church last Sunday were Easter worshipers because we were worshiping on Easter. If it had been Christmas, we would have been Christmas worshipers. We were worshiping on a specific special day. The reference points out that the bombings took place on a very special day for those who were attacked.


  4. What most offends me about Obama was his lackluster performance as presidential First Pitch Thrower Outer.

    C’mon, man! 🙂


  5. This was such a manufactured outrage situation. There are legitimate concerns which merit discussion, and then there is grievance for grievance sake. This was just people stirring the pot to keep the perpetual outrage machine going. Another case of the right doing the very same thing it always accuses the left of doing, engaging in identify politics and perpetually claiming victimhood.


  6. There is absolutely nothing, as in no thing small or large, that President Obama could say that would not be met with frothing outrage by the uncritical, unprincipled and contrarian idol-worshipers posing as conservatives* when they are no more than haters hatin’. Nothing. And, might I add, why are they such snowfalkes? I thought that was the liberal/DEMs job.

    *I feel compelled to defend the conservatives.


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