Franklin Foer: “The Mueller Probe Was an Unmitigated Success”


Foer, writing at The Atlantic, makes the case for why it was a good idea to spend so much money on the Mueller investigation.  Here is a taste:

With tonight’s summation of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation, there will be a temptation among those who loudly trumpeted this scandal to apologize. And without a doubt, some Twitter detectives and journalists made mistakes—and overshot the evidence. They can apologize, but I won’t. Even if the actual Mueller report is anything like the attorney general’s summation of its contents, Russiagate will go down as one of the biggest scandals in American political history.

The Mueller investigation has been an unmitigated success in exposing political corruption. In the case of Paul Manafort, the corruption was criminal. In the case of Trump, the corruption doesn’t seem to have transgressed any laws. As Michael Kinsley famously quipped, “The scandal isn’t what’s illegal; the scandal is what’s legal.” Lying to the electorate, adjusting foreign policy for the sake of personal lucre, and undermining an investigation seem to me pretty sound impeachable offenses—they might also happen to be technically legal.

Through his investigation, Mueller has also provided a plausible answer to the question that first bothered me. Trump’s motive for praising Putin appears to have been, in large part, commercial. With his relentless pursuit of Trump Tower Moscow, the Republican nominee for president had active commercial interests in Russia that he failed to disclose to the American people. In fact, he explicitly and shamelessly lied about them. As Trump’s former personal attorney Michael Cohen implied in his congressional testimony, Trump ran his campaign as something of an infomercial, hoping to convince the Russians that he was a good partner. To enrich himself, Trump promised to realign American foreign policy.

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5 thoughts on “Franklin Foer: “The Mueller Probe Was an Unmitigated Success”

  1. There was certainly enough evidence in what we saw in the public realm to wonder if DJT was working with the Russians to help him get elected President. Knowing now by vigorous investigations that he wasn’t doing that is valuable. That he is not the kind of human being that we would want to be our leader is another issue.


  2. Mueller was no problem. The probe was justified by real indications that needed looking into. Some of Trump’s people had a desire to make hay while they could. The Russians did meddle in the election.
    Much of the media did seem to hope for the worst. Trump could have stayed above it but had to go bonkers at every turn. He had to insult Mueller’s integrity. That didn’t help.
    Mueller acted with more integrity than just about anyone involved.
    Trump is still the guy who has lied over and over. Paid for people to keep quiet, trying to hide things from us.
    He is still the guy without the guts to deal with despots as despots.


  3. Tony,

    You sold me on the success of the effort!

    By the way, I also think that Mr. Foer wants to convince the taxpayers that their twenty-five to thirty million dollars was not spent in vain. He must be concerned about our national budgetary shortfalls.



  4. Talk about moving the goal posts.

    “The Mueller investigation has been an unmitigated success in exposing political corruption.”

    Wait, so that was the purpose of the Mueller investigation? Odd. For some reason, I thought it was to determine whether the President and his campaign were criminally treasonous sock puppets of Russia, conspiring with Boris and Natasha to steal an election and sell out America.

    You mean it was just to find out whether Trump was a greedy liar? Who had surrounded himself with some very unsavory characters? Well then, we should do this efficacious exercise more often. We should appoint a special counsel before every election, with limitless jurisdiction, just to poke around for a few years with a crack team of prosecutors to search for possible corruption most foul, maybe throw in a few pre-dawn, paramilitary-style raids for the CNN cameras, because my guess is — this is just conjecture, mind you — there’s a whole lot more lying, graft and general sleaziness going on in D.C which has nothing whatsoever to do with Manchurian Candidate Trump.

    Atticus Mueller has dashed the hopes and dreams of indefatigable conspiracy-mongers like Mr. Foer, who had hi-def visions of Trump in a tasteful orange jumpsuit. So now all the 24/7 shrieking about the omnipresent Red Menace, all those “bombshells” and tipping points and special reports about nooses-tightening and walls closing in and ratings going through the roof (er, don’t mention that last part; this was all about honest journalism, that’s the ticket) can be memory-holed. Let’s just move on, scrub our highly embarrassing Twitter-feeds and declare the whole thing an unmitigated success.

    I’m convinced.


  5. I’m already hearing the crowing about The Witch Hunt Against Trump Has Failed and Only The Librul Fake News Media is for it. i.e. “HAIL TRUMP!”

    And all the Court Evangelicals shout “AAAAAAAA-MENNNNNN!” with Bible Proof Texts about how “The Kings of the Earth Rage Against The LOOOOOOORD and His ANOINTED!”

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