Fox News Court Evangelical: “If what I hear at church is no better than what I hear on CNN…then why bother?”

Watch court evangelical Robert Jeffress yesterday on Fox News:

The most revealing part of this interview comes at about the 1:48 mark when Jeffress says, “If what I hear at church is no better than what I hear on CNN or the Rotary Club, then why bother?”

I agree with Jeffress here, but he seems completely clueless about the fact that the same thing applies to Fox News.

5 thoughts on “Fox News Court Evangelical: “If what I hear at church is no better than what I hear on CNN…then why bother?”

  1. Jeffress the Flatterer is not only a court flatterer, but he thinks he’s Grima Wormtongue.

    I’m surprised his Mega/Giga/whatever doesn’t have a HUGE telescreen with Donald Trump in Majesty ten meters tall as a stage backdrop (I was going to say “pulpit”, but Megas don’t have pulpits).

    “With a ruler, you can lay the flattery on with a trowel.”
    –Benjamin Disraeli, Prime Minister of England


  2. John,

    I have not seen Jeffress’ July 4th service, and I probably wouldn’t enjoy it. That is one of the reasons I am not Baptist; I don’t enjoy any of the cheesy cantatas, pageants, or plays they have at special occasions throughout the year——-not just on Independence Day. Most of those types of songs——not just the one you mentioned———are gauche. So I will concur with you that the song was not good.

    As far as his weaving of culture war issues into his sermons, there is nothing improper about that as long as it is supplemental to the scriptural theme of the sermon. Homiletically, it is called “application” or “illustration.” Any good preacher or teacher will do it.

    I was unaware that Sean H. and Eric M. had spoken at 1st Baptist. Metaxas is a perfectly legitimate guest speaker in view of his evangelical ties and his credentials as a Christian author. He might have spoken on Bonhoeffer for all I know. As far as Sean Hannity, I doubt that he was allowed to give the Sunday sermon but will agree that it would have been inappropriate for him to have spoken as a Bible expositor. After all, Sean is a good guy, but he is hardly qualified to do a sermon comparing Moses at the burning bush with Trump gazing epiphanically at The Great Border Wall through a pair of binoculars. 🤩



  3. James: Do you know that Sean Hannity, Eric Metaxas, and several other Fox News pundits have spoken at Jeffess’s church. Do you know that he regularly brings culture war politics into his sermons? Do you know that his church choir composed a song titled “Make America Great Again?” Have you ever seen his 4th of July service?


  4. John,

    First of all, I am pleased to read that you agree with Pastor Jeffress that the content of a church service should be spiritual rather than secular in nature.

    I am, however, left bewildered by what your gratuitous reference to Fox News has to do with the subject. Jeffress was simply stating that church services should be based on the Bible and traditional Christian spirituality rather than the menu of daily secular thought. As someone who grew up in a Mainline Protestant denomination, which is dying, I fully understand his point. I have never been to 1st Baptist in Dallas, but I am confident that Pastor Jeffress’s sermons begin and end with Bible verses rather than verbatim quotes from Sean Hannity or Laura Ingram.



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