Even White Evangelicals Oppose Trump’s Bible-Signing

Trump BIbles

Check out journalist Joanna Piacenza piece at Morning Consult.  According to a Morning Consult poll, most white evangelicals think that Trump’s signing of Bibles at an Alabama Baptist church earlier this month was “inappropriate.”  U.S. adults, Republicans, Christians, white Catholics, and white mainline Protestants also think Trump’s signing of Bibles was “inappropriate.” The only identity group that thinks the president’s signing of Bible is appropriate are Trump voters, but only by a 43% to 42% margin.

Read the piece here.  I was happy to help Piacenza with her story.

5 thoughts on “Even White Evangelicals Oppose Trump’s Bible-Signing

  1. Jeff,

    Although others probably would not call for defining the U.S. as a Christian nation per se, your definition is rather benign and not unreasonable. On the other hand, the coastal elites have a much more sinister view of the term. Try using it favorably the next time you are at a cocktail party in Manhattan or Georgetown if you want to generate a few sparks.



  2. This story is a nothingburger if there ever was one. The Morning Consult must have had a slow day, so one of their interns was charged with generating a story. Trump’s signing of Bibles won’t sway a meaningful number of votes either for or against him. Electorally, it’s just not an issue.

    Furthermore Ms. Piacenza’s article adds an unhelpful bit of ambiguity by making reference to Christian nationalists while failing to define the term. Her definition and that of Morning Consult’s establishment clients is almost assuredly tinged with trepidation. Personally, I don’t know anyone who defines himself/herself as a “Christian nationalist.” There might be a few of them out there somewhere, but most exist primarily within the mind of the elite coastal establishments. These folks are always inventing new boogeymen.


    • There are lots of cases where people don’t describe themselves with a term others would. How many self described bigots are there?
      I don’t take the term “Christian Nationalist” to mean much more than believing this country has a unique place in Gid’s plan to fulfill a specifically Christian agenda and is to be seen as a “Christian” nation.
      Believing that doesn’t require a person to be an activist, but those who believe this do usually promote it in conversations and such.


    • Maybe it’s a political nothingburger, but for those of us primarily concerned with president Trump’s influence on the Church it’s an encouraging sign that their are still _some_ lines the Church wont cross to defend president Trump. Perhaps we haven’t crossed the Rubicon, yet.


      • Alex,
        I am not sure how the poll was worded, what the sample size was, and how evangelicals were defined. It might be like a lot of the spurious polls three years ago which showed Hillary winning in a landslide.

        In any case, I still think the Morning Consult was desperate for a story on the day they published that piece.



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