Meacham: At least Trump didn’t sign the Bibles in red ink

Watch presidential historian Jon Meacham talking to Joe Scarborough about Trump signing Bibles and evangelical supporters of Trump.  Here.

I agree with Meacham, but I am disappointed in him.  Last year I sat next to him at dinner before his speaking engagement at Messiah College and told him all about my book Believe Me: The Evangelical Road to Donald Trump.  I am OUTRAGED by the fact that he does not cite the book here!    🙂  (I will give Joe a break here since I have never talked to him face-to-face about Believe Me!).

4 thoughts on “Meacham: At least Trump didn’t sign the Bibles in red ink

  1. Christian,

    I respectfully think you need to do some serious study on the eschatology of Dispensationalism. Start with John Nelson Darby instead of some of the sensational folks you might be watching at 11:30 PM on Sunday evenings.

    Furthermore, I recommend you take a more charitable look at the way the word “heretic” is used in most Christian communions today.



  2. Fundamentalist Protestant heretics support Trump for one reason only- because they think that he will usher in the Battle of Armageddon and their “precious” Rapture beforehand. Fundamentalist Protestant heretics are too stupid to realize that by this logic they are supporting Antichrist, and will take his mark of the beast upon themselves!

    P.S. I do not believe that Antichrist is currently alive. However, I do agree with Russian Patriarch Kyrill that Antichrist is almost within sight- that his great-grandparents are born.


  3. John,

    From what I occasionally see of Morning Joe Scarborough, getting him to read a book with underlying religious themes won’t be the easiest task in the world. After all, he has gone from being a mere congressman representing a bunch of rednecks on the Florida Panhande to a Manhattan celebrity complete with a celebrity wife. Joe arguably now has more sophisticated interests than revivalist religion.



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