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Court evangelical Franklin Graham says he has never heard Donald Trump tell a lie.  When confronted with the fact that The Washington Post has counted over 8000 false or misleading phrases made by the president during his first two years in office, Graham responded: “Well, I don’t know how to reconcile that, because I don’t know.”

Read more here.  Franklin’s refusal to call out Trump out for his lies is the very definition of the kind of court evangelicalism I discuss in Believe Me: The Evangelical Road to Donald Trump.

7 thoughts on “The Latest From Court Evangelical World

  1. Exactly this.

    The corruption of evangelicalism as a cultural authority is so total and so visible that it’s hard to imagine any kind of significant recovery for the movement in a post-Trump future. The religious delusions of modern America are on such display in the “religious” support and endorsement Trump receives that it seems like it will be impossible for people to take seriously any future claims of moral concern. Currently many evangelicals seem to be ensconced in a cloud of hopeful denial and wishful thinking, and when the bubble bursts the hangover of shame and regret will be so heavy that I imagine many individual evangelicals will be completely unable to even process what happened and will rather choose to forget or remain mired in a false reality of self-justification.

    My mom, a lifelong conservative evangelical, voted for Donald Trump, and when the dust settled and the election was over, she un-registered with the Republican Party, because she realized on some level what had happened and how she had been taken advantage of, how her decades of investment in a political party and a moral majority as a vehicle of cultural transformation and spiritual authority led her into easy manipulation. Better late than never, and I’m glad she has pulled back from the idolatry of Trump, but it seems like there are other people who made the opposite decision and are doubling down on their commitment to this person as their savior.


  2. i.e. FG has as much said that “Trump is LORD”.

    “He is LORD, He is LOOORD,
    He will Make America Great and He is LOOOOOOORD,
    Every knee shall bow,
    Every tongue confess…”


  3. Jeff,
    Nathan had a specific beef with the king. What do you think the assembled preachers should tell Donald Trump? Please keep it consistent with Nathan’s rebuke.


  4. My concern on this story is with The Washington Post claiming to have a list of 8,000 lies told by Trump. All politicians make scores of statements monthly. Some of statements are obviously hyperbolic while others are simply campaign rhetoric which everyone suspects to be such. Other statements are contextually interpreted in various ways. The Post has no objective standard for separating Trump’s statements (or those of anyone else) into lies and non-lies. Is it any wonder that journalism is in disrepute?

    Sure, politicians of both parties do lie but the lies have to be counted in a serious and consistent manner. Arriving at a laughable figure if 8,000 convinces me more than ever that the liberal media establishment is in an emotional meltdown.


  5. Nathan the prophet went to King David with his pointed story of the rich man who took a poor man’s one sheep.
    And when David grew angry said “You’re the man!”.
    Trump doesn’t seem to have to worry about anything like that.


  6. I dismiss outright the judgment and discernment of any Christian who still views Franklin Graham as a minister of the gospel of Christ rather than what he is, a partisan hack who has completely sold out to to the worldly power structures, leveraging his name and family legacy of faith to do so. For me, the issue goes far beyond whatever political views that he and other “court evangelicals” might have; many people hold conservative views. Rather, it is the incessant praise and exaltation they lavish on everything their political leader does, their denial that he is ever less than perfect, and their constant mission to use their influence to lead others to do the same, and to deny the faith of everyone who does not. He, and those like him, are *literally* idol worshipers.


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