Why “Make America Great Again” is Morally Problematic


I have been making this case now since Believe Me: The Evangelical Road to Donald Trump was published in June 2018.  It has now become relevant again in light of Covington Catholic High School boys wearing MAGA hats at the Lincoln Memorial last weekend.  (I wrote about this event here and here and here).

Here are a few places where I have made the case that “Make America Great Again” is a morally problematic phrase:

Trump’s White Evangelicals are Nostalgic for an American Past that Never Existed for Blacks and Others” (History News Network)

White evangelicals fear the future and yearn for the past. Of course Trump is their hero” (USA Today)

Why white evangelicals voted for Trump: Fear, power and nostalgia” (Religion News Service).

Of course my most thorough case is made here:

Believe Me 3d


One thought on “Why “Make America Great Again” is Morally Problematic

  1. Most of the years people point to as “great” for America are also years my interracial marriage would have been illegal. At worst they think that’s great, but at the very best they just never thought about what it would mean for me and my family.


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