Donald Trump is a Mafia Thug

I repeat:  It appears that Trump is running the government like Michael Corleone in Godfather 2.  Trump threatened Cohen’s father on Fox News and elsewhere.  Now Cohen is not going to testify before Congress.  Hmm…

Here is what the meeting between Trump and the rest of his advisers might have looked like as they plotted to “get to” Pantengeli Cohen:

Trump prefers apples to oranges:

Donald J. Trump, Taking Over The Big Apple

If Pantengeli Cohen eventually does testify, you might see this:

One thought on “Donald Trump is a Mafia Thug

  1. John,
    It appears to me that you are being jocular here and that is fine. The sad thing about this story, however, is that certain elements of the establishment media are treating it seriously. I was at my gym last night and saw that CNN kept a related sub-heading on the screen for an inordinate amount of time. Is it any wonder that they are in last place in the cable ratings?


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