What Would Lincoln Say?

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As Donald Trump served hamburgers and fries to the Clemson University football team, Abraham Lincoln sat and watched.  Here is a taste of Amy Wang’s piece at The Washington Post:

There he was, the legendary statesman who had guided the United States through the bloody Civil War, now peering at stacks of either 300 hamburgers or “over 1000 hamberders,” depending on whom or when you asked.

It didn’t help that Trump gleefully presided over the spectacle while standing directly beneath Honest Abe.

“I like it all. It’s all good stuff,” Trump declared as a White House staffer finished lighting two majestic candelabras flanking the spread. “Great American food!”

Above him, a great American hunched deep into his chair, chin in hand, pondering life, liberty and the rights of man. If paintings on walls could talk, what might Lincoln even say?

Read the entire piece here.

2 thoughts on “What Would Lincoln Say?

  1. Lincoln ate one egg and had coffee every morning if my memory serves. He did not write nonsensical or angry or complaining notes every morning. He was a way bigger man than that though vilified by some person group in that obviously divisive time constantly.
    He did not over eat. He was quite thin, though muscular. He had a superb intellect.
    Trump has one thing in common with him, maybe just this one, that is not drinking alcohol.
    I am not sure what Lincoln would say if Trump. He probably would have something humorous to say or an appropriate anecdote. He would get his point across without being mean about it.


  2. The historical story about the portrait was all very interesting, but Amy Wang, the author, could have made it a lot more valuable by an analysis of Lincoln’s diet. Exactly what did Honest Abe eat on a daily basis while he was in the White House? We know that President Lincoln came from humble beginnings where the diet was presumably “hard scrabble.” Squirrel might well have been a big part of the weekly fare. Did the president foresake his frontier Kentucky, Indiana, and Illinois roots once he reached the White House or did he continue to dine on the food of his childhood? Could Lincoln’s Whie House cook make a super-savory opossum stew? Ms. Wang needs to go back and do some more Lincoln homework.

    As for me, I will take Trump’s fast food, questionable as it is, over a greasy fried crow.


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