Talk: The State of the Evangelical Mind on Christian College Campuses

This 12-minute paper presentation is from the “State of the Evangelical Mind” conference in Indianapolis.  The conference took place in Fall 2017.

What Is the State of the Evangelical Mind on Christian College Campuses?, by John Fea from InterVarsity Press on Vimeo.

An edited version of this paper was published in the Summer 2018 issue of the Christian Scholars Review.

4 thoughts on “Talk: The State of the Evangelical Mind on Christian College Campuses

  1. As a recent PhD graduate, I find the whining about a presidential election juxtaposed with the hand wringing about a long term crisis in higher education brought on by decades of waste, mental and physical laziness, and frankly surrender to Marxist propaganda by the departments of the vast majority of secular and Christian “scholars” to be an adulterous attempt to blame shift. Working class people work their hands day in and day out to provide an education to their children, often times at the expense of their own health. When one of their own children has the opportunity to actually attend one of these vaunted arenas of ideas, they are met with Gender Studies fan fiction where he, she, it, and some tentacled Cthulhu monster are married and have children in some attempt at Equality, or some Marxist garbage about income redistribution, or the cult of Climate Change nut cases demanding we all use bicycles while they hop into their Gulfstream and head over to Havana and enjoy some time on Castro Jr.’s yacht. Yep, it is definitely all Donald Trump’s fault.

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