Court Evangelical Eric Metaxas Says Maria Butina is Probably Innocent


Prominent court evangelical and Trump water-carrier Eric Metaxas believes that Maria Butina, the alleged Russian spy who pleaded guilty to conspiracy as a Russian agent, is innocent.  Warren Throckmorton has it covered.

Here is a taste of his post:

For Metaxas to believe Butina’s agreement was forced, he has to believe the Dept. of Justice is incredibly corrupt. Butina was represented by counsel and agreed that she was an agent of Russia in violation of federal law.  Her plea agreement refers to various documents which they have in their possession. They have text messages and emails with the information described in the plea agreement.

I don’t know how Metaxas will explain Butina’s agreement. Did the DOJ kidnap this girl and pin an espionage charge on her? Did the DOJ make up all of these events and communications? Did they really threaten to keep her in solitary confinement for a year if she refused to sign a false statement? Is her attorney in on the conspiracy too?

Butina was a guest on Metaxas’s radio program.  You can listen to that conversation here.

One thought on “Court Evangelical Eric Metaxas Says Maria Butina is Probably Innocent

  1. Metaxas probably needs to believe the confession is coerced since it means he got snookered by a commie spy. Quite an interesting topic, but as a kid who grew up during the last decade and a half of the Cold War, it would have been nice if those so obsessed with Russia these days would have had a spine back during that time, instead of having fits when Reagan called an evil empire an evil empire.

    Two years into this and we don’t appear to by any further along than James Carville’s statement about a special prosecutor’s ability to indite a ham sandwich.

    However, I guess turnabout is fair play. The Republicans had Starr. The Dems have Mueller.


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