When WAS Evangelical?

Daniel Silliman of Valparaiso University has a very thoughtful and helpful Twitter thread on the use of the term “evangelical” in American history.  I know Daniel is looking for a job in an academic history department.  Someone should hire him based on this thread alone!  🙂


One thought on “When WAS Evangelical?

  1. Daniel did an excellent research job here. Very stimulating! He confirmed my suspicions that the use of the term in the middle Twentieth Century was something of an artificial construct.

    I am reticent any longer to use it as a descriptor simply because there is no longer a common understanding of who is being described. There are the post-Christian Emerging Church folks on the left an the Independent Fundamentalists on the right. While some would label both groups as evangelicals, it’s tough to find what they share in common doctrinally, theologically, and liturgically.

    And Daniel’s research suggests, the name might be ripe for a new definition.


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