CCM Comes to a Presidential Funeral

Anyone who attended a Christian college or was part of an evangelical youth group in the 1980s knows this song.   Love it or hate it, Michael W. Smith‘s “Friends” is a Christian Contemporary Music (CCM) classic.  Yesterday I learned that George H.W. Bush also liked the song and asked Smith to perform it as his funeral:

Kate Shellnut has this story covered at Christianity Today.  A taste:

“First and foremost, I hope the song is very honoring of the president because he loved the song,” Smith said in an interview with CT. “The last time I saw him, when we said goodbye, he gave me a hug, pointed his finger in the air, and with a twinkle in his eye, said, ‘Friends are friends forever.’”

The contemporary Christian music (CCM) chart-topper first played for President Bush in the White House after a Christmas special in 1989. They struck up a friendship that led to regular visits to the late president’s home in Kennebunkport, Maine; relationships with the rest of the Bush family; and even travel together.

“He’s just been an inspiration to me,” the three-time Grammy winner said. “We didn’t talk about politics much. But we did have a lot of conversations about God and faith.”

“One thing that tied us together was his relationship with Billy Graham. There were times we would get Billy Graham on the phone and talk,” Smith said, remembering them standing on the deck conversing with the late evangelist, whose memorial service and funeral the singer performed at earlier this year.

Bush requested “Friends,” his favorite song of Smith’s, for his funeral. Smith sang an arrangement with the Armed Forces Chorus, the National Cathedral Choir, and the United States Marine Orchestra.

Read the entire piece here.  I wonder what Trump thought about the song?

And here is the original:



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  1. I don’t know what Trump thought about the song, but I had never heard it and found it to be rather pedestrian musically; yet if it had meaning to the elder Bush and his family, it was nice of Mr. Smith to perform it.


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