Post-Election Spin From the Court Evangelicals

Here is what the court evangelicals are saying today:

I agree here with Jack Graham. Yes, life and liberty were on the ballot yesterday. Life in the womb and after the baby is born. Liberty for all men and women:

Robett Jeffress makes a prediction:

Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council made a statement.  He thinks that GOP victories last night were largely because of abortion.  His statement also reveals that he has no interest in finding any common ground with his opponents:  “We will stand with President Trump and Majority Leader McConnell in working to repel the Pelosi agenda that is at odds with the values that made America a great nation.”  At least Tony Perkins is honest.

Here is Samuel Rodriguez:

I have no idea what Eric Metaxas and Jerry Falwell Jr. are saying.  They both blocked me.

Was there a court evangelical viewing party?

2 thoughts on “Post-Election Spin From the Court Evangelicals

  1. Also, notice how suddenly the migrant caravan will drop out of the news. Now that the votes have been cast the story has no use for the anti-immigrant fearmonger crowd. Funny how politicians, and compliant stenographers at major media outlets, were consumed by it just days ago.


  2. I suppose Johnnie Moore was too busy doing grip-and-grins with Trump-friendly repressive dictators to release a statement.


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