It Turns Out I am Not the Only Historical/Political/Online Writer in the Family

Ally at CFH

From the “proud Dad” files:

My daughter Allyson, a junior psychology and history major at Calvin College, has been writing (for money!) at a website called Listserve.

Here is a taste of her piece “10 Wildest Filibusters in History“:

The late Strom Thurmond, once an ambitious and fiery senator from South Carolina, still holds the record for the longest spoken filibuster by one US senator as of late October 2018.

His passion?

Stopping the Civil Rights Act of 1957. He was well prepared for the big moment, dehydrating in a steam room to avoid going to the bathroom and bringing cough drops and candy to the Senate floor. He also placed his aide in the coatroom with a bucket in case he had to take care of business. His preparation was intense.

His fate?

Thurmond began speaking at 8:54 PM on August 28, 1957. His speech included renditions of the entire Declaration of Independence, US criminal code, and voting laws of each of the 48 states. The other senators were not thrilled.[1]

Senator Paul Douglas of Illinois even attempted to sabotage the operation by putting a pitcher of fresh orange juice in front of Thurmond, whose aides quickly snatched it and placed it out of reach. Thurmond spoke more than 24 hours, ending at 9:12 PM on August 29. He successfully stalled the passage of the bill, but he didn’t stop it.

Or check out her piece “10 Famously Hard-Core Female Spies.”

This weekend she is taking some time off from writing to try to help her team win the Michigian Intercollegiate Athletic Association volleyball championship and secure a spot in the NCAA tournament.  Some of you know that the Calvin Knights are currently ranked #1 in the nation in NCAA Division 3.

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