My Favorite Negative Review of *Believe Me* (So Far)

Believe Me 3dHere is U. Han Hummus at Amazon:

I had to select a star and could not choose a negative one, ergo the one star. Very partisan claptrap. Author manifests his bromance with Obama and Danté’s inferno level of enmity for Trump from chapter one. This book was used in a study group at a local church. I was struggling to decide whether or not to remain in the Democrat party. This book irresistibly beconed me to leave because of its hypocrisy. Do not buy this book. Give me your address; I will send it to you for free with $10.00.


4 thoughts on “My Favorite Negative Review of *Believe Me* (So Far)

  1. Someone sounds really defensive, as if having positive comments to say about Obama and negative statements to say about Trump make you a partisan writer…. Thanks for telling the truth even when other people are threatened or uncomfortable about it


    • Justin,
      I don’t know if you were referring to me or to the Amazon reviewer feeling threatened.

      I can’t speak for him but I can tell you that I certainly was not threatened by Dr. Fea’s observations in his new book. Far from being threatened, I was saddened that certain politicians are able to act sucessfully as chameleons against a Christian background. I threw in the final paragraph about Trump’s religion because John has posted numerous quotes from evangelical leaders implying that Trump might be “within the fold.” I don’t agree with this view.

      Personally, I don’t think many politicians put Christ in the center of their lives. The good news about Republican office holders is that their public policies align more with Christian values. That does not make them Christian, however.


  2. Well John,
    I am glad I have gotten to know you through your comment-welcome website. Before I read your book and found the site I was unaware of your work. I aslute you for your willingness to engage in amiable dialogue with all comers.
    As far as the negative Amazon review, I won’t comment one way or the other. The author’s style would not be mine, but at least we know where he stands. Ha ha. With that being said, I enjoyed your book but did see it as a Democrat polemic. But at least you were forthright about that, and I respect your honesty.
    Probably the hardest part of the book for me to swallow was your statement that President Obama was a Christian. Personally, I see no evidence of Christ in his behavior. He occasionally throws loosely Christian verbiage around, but let’s not forget that he had a talented staff of writers and could tailor his speeches and remarks to just about any audience.
    I am not one of Obama’s detractors who calls him a closet Muslim. In my opinion, religion of any kind is of scant concern to him. His interests are in the secular and the empirical world and not in the spiritual and the future world. Yes, I know that his handlers put perfume on his secularism when it suited their purposes, but at his core he shows no real interest in any faith.
    It slightly amused me when you got to Hillary’s religious convictions in the book. While you did not actually come out and call her a Christian as you did Obama, you did allow that she was a pious member of a Mainline denomination. Wow! That is putting the best spin on a very questionable example of a Christian! As a former member of Hillary’s denomination, I can safely say that calling her a pious communicant of that ecclesiastical body as it exists today sets a pretty low bar.
    I hope you don’t take this wrong, John, but I wonder if you actually think that Hillary and Barack Obama give a real hoot about the things of Christ or did you simply give them lip service in order to try to show that Republicans do not have a monopoly on true spirituality?
    With all of that being said, neither do I think that President Trump has any fundamental interest in the Bible or the Gospel. He intellectually probably believes in certain historic Christian verities but practically speaking the things of Christ do not play a big part in his daily decisions. I wish I were wrong about that but I have to be honest in my observations
    . James

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