More Trump Fear-Mongering

Trump once again tries to scare the base into voting GOP next Tuesday.  Trump tweeted this ad today.

This is the stuff I wrote about in Believe Me: The Evangelical Road to Donald Trump.  This is why many evangelicals like the strongman in the Oval Office.  Sadly, this will win points with Trump’s evangelical base.

Believe Me 3d


8 thoughts on “More Trump Fear-Mongering

  1. Fears are often justified by informed concerns, Jeff. After all, all of us should be fearful about entering a rocky area which, according to reliable reports, is infested by rattlesnakes.


  2. Jeff,
    Your statement regarding your personal family situation confirms my earlier statement. You are going to be swayed by fear-mongering DEM commercials. Other voters are going to be swayed by other types of fear-based advertising. It is as old as Lyndon Johnson’s celebrated 1964 commercial which implied that Barry Goldwater would get us into a nuclear war. Do you recall the scene of the little girl pulling daisies in a bucolic setting followed by a mushroom cloud?


  3. I retired two years ago. I start Medicare next month but need to figure out my gap insurance. And my wife is younger and we have one son still at home. I need to keep them insured.
    I am justifiably worried about health insurance. I trust the democrats more to make it possible to afford it than this President who is unable to develop genuine empathy for other human beings and a party so screwed up it often refuses to check him.


  4. John: I would encourage you to read the first hand essay “Outside the Defensible Perimeter” by Karen McQuillen. It’s not political or a polemic. Based on her bio, I doubt she’s even a Trump supporter. It is eye opening.

    It recounts the day to day reality for some Americans at the border who have to deal with the lack of enforcement of our laws. She gives us a glimpse of the people who never seem to get factored in when the immigration discussion turns to empathy and compassion.

    Not every Trump-supporting evangelical is a lemming being manipulated by “fear.” Some people actually have rational concerns about border security and sensible immigration restrictions which are not ginned up by campaign ads.


  5. John,
    You well know that politics is a contact sport. The DEMS are trying to scare people about health care and a few lesser matters. All parties do these ads which were developed after focus group testing.

    A lot of people who don’t have any religious convictions are concerned about illegal immigrants. Trump could not have won the White House with only evangelical voters.


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