Some Historical Perspective on the Trump Evangelicals

I am happy to contribute to this video posted today at The New York Times.

Retro Report spent over an hour interviewing me at Messiah College back in August.  I was apparently not as engaging as Cal Thomas, Jerry Falwell Jr. and Randall Balmer since I only got a quick soundbite.  (They even made me go home and change my shirt because it had too many stripes and did not look good on the camera!)

Whatever the case, it is a nice piece:

One thought on “Some Historical Perspective on the Trump Evangelicals

  1. Thanks for posting this. It is good, but it really wants to focus on the names which have been around for a longer time. The day will come when they want to understand more about the ‘plan’ and the activating motivations, and why it worked or didn’t work. Then they will take another look at the footage they have of you! JohnJohn Erickson


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