I Understand That You Held Your Nose, but You Still Voted for the Guy

Believe Me 3dMany evangelicals tell me that they voted for Donald Trump because he would appoint conservative Supreme Court justices, improve the economy, stop illegal immigration, or defend religious liberty.  I understand that these evangelicals have prioritized these things.  “Trump is not perfect,” they say, “but we like his policies.”

Fair enough.  Not all of the overwhelming number of white evangelicals who voted for Trump like the guy.  They don’t go to the rallies. They don’t appreciate his public comments.  But in the end, they still voted for him and, in a democracy, they Have to answer for all of the ways he is hurting the church and the nation.  Think about it:

  • He has assaulted the very idea of truth with his constant lying. He has supported the idea of “alternative facts.”  Last time I checked evangelicals believed in truth.
  • He has coarsened our culture by bringing pornography and his affairs with porn starts into the mainstream and has lied about his knowledge of a $130,000 payoff to keep a porn star quiet.  Last time I checked evangelicals thought that the moral coarsening of our culture was a problem.
  • He has refused to be transparent about his finances, especially his tax returns.
  • He has used the office to make money for his global properties and products.  And he has not divested from his assets.
  • He refused to condemn the tyrannical rule of Vladmir Putin even after it was clear that the Russians were meddling in our elections.
  • He has supported legislation that will bring severe damage to the environment and has shown he has no knowledge of basic climate science.
  • He has said he will repeal The Johnson Amendment.  If he ever is successful in doing this he will essentially turn churches–the places where the Gospel is proclaimed and where Christians come to worship God–into political organizations.
  • Trump has claimed, falsely, that there has been widespread election fraud in the country.  There has not.
  • He has used a racial epithet, “Pocohontas,” to describe a United States Senator who claimed to have Native American ancestry.  And he did it at an event honoring Native American veterans.
  • He has shown no interest in the history of the United States and his place within it apart from references to some of the nations darkest moments:  Andrew Jackson’s white supremacy, “Operation Wetback,” “America First,” and “law and order.”  (He also thinks Frederick Douglass is still alive).
  • Several of his cabinet and staff members have resigned in disgrace.
  • He tried to manipulate the Director of the FBI and demanded his loyalty.  He eventually fired the director and then told Russian officials that he was a “nut job.”
  • He has attacked the media and, by extension, freedom of the press, even going to far as to say that the free press is the “enemy of the people.”
  • He said that a MSNBC female news personality was “bleeding badly” from a facelift at a social gathering in Florida.
  • He compared the U.S. intelligence agency to the Nazis
  • He said that there were good people on “both sides” during race riots in Charlottesville in August 2017.
  • He has attacked Gold Star families on more than one occasion
  • He regularly skips intelligence briefings and shows no interest whatsoever in ideas and books
  • He spends millions and millions of taxpayer dollars on travel to his personal properties.
  • He said that professional athletes who do not stand for the national anthem to protest racism “shouldn’t be in this country.”
  • He publicly mocked a woman who claims to have been sexually abused by a Supreme Court nominee
  • He has championed immigration legislature that has removed children from their parents.
  • He watches 4 to 8 hours of television a day during his “Executive Time.”  It is mostly Fox News, a station that flatters him on a regular basis.
  • He said that a female U.S. senator would “do anything” for a campaign donation.
  • He nearly got us into a nuclear war with North Korea
  • He said that Puerto Ricans devastated by a hurricane “want everything done for them” and then arrived in Puerto Rico and threw rolls of paper towels at them.
  • He invited evangelical leaders into the White House and asked them to all say something about how great he is.  (And the evangelical leaders comply).
  • He mocked the mayor of London for handling of a terrorist attack in a responsible way

Fellow evangelicals: This is what you voted for.  Have you seriously thought about how your support of Trump relates to your “we want to make America more moral and more Christian” rhetoric?

Is Gorsuch and Kavanaugh worth it all?  Does a strong economy make it all worth it?

(By the way, I didn’t hear many evangelicals singing the praises of the economy in the Bill Clinton era).


6 thoughts on “I Understand That You Held Your Nose, but You Still Voted for the Guy

  1. Survival may be the operative word, but if this is why white evangelicals voted for Trump, they need to look in the mirror to see where the problem is and its solution. Voting for Trump was not the solution.


  2. I assume you are asking Why? Why do evangelicals support Trump? Well, think Darwin. Think survival.

    When survival of a species, group, or even a cultural belief system is threatened, people tend to support a leader who will facilitate their survival. For background:

    White evangelicals have had books written about them: “The End of White Christian America” by Robert P. Jones.

    White evangelicals have seen the rise in social media of the #BlackLivesMatter.

    White evangelicals have seen the rise of secularism in our society.

    White evangelicals have seen women become more powerful by entering fields once dominated by men – doctors, lawyers, senators, governors. Women no longer relish the role of being merely a “submissive” wife.

    Our culture is in the midst of drastic cultural change. White evangelicals are very threatened by this change. They have always been at the top of the societal hierarchy and they feel they are now losing that status. They are afraid and they are angry. Trump has skillfully fed on their fear and anger such that they now look upon him as the last best hope for their survival and survival of their privileged status.

    Think survival. Survival is the operative word.


  3. Since we are only a week away from Halloween, perhaps all of these so-called “Protestant Evangelical Christians” should get a refresher from a certain scatological German monk (“I resist the devil, and often it is with a fart that I chase him away”) who posted a list of 95 ways his church was being harmed on Oct. 31, 1517. While too big to fit on a baseball cap, his slogan might have been: God before government, God before money and God before church.


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