David Brooks: “Don’t make up your mind about Kavanaugh without reading this”

Read Caitlin Flanagan’s story at The Atlantic.  It is worth your time.  Here is a taste:

“Dear Caitlin,” an inscription in my 12th-grade yearbook begins. “I’m really very sorry that our friendship plummeted straight downhill after the first few months of school. Really, the blame rests totally on my shoulders. To tell you the truth, I’ve wanted to say this all year. I know you’ll succeed because you’re very smart and I regard you with the utmost respect … Take care—love always.”

He was headed to a prestigious college. I was headed to a small, obscure liberal-arts college, which was a tremendous achievement, not just because I was a terrible student, but also because I had nearly killed myself as a response to what he apologized for in my yearbook. He had tried to rape me during a date that I was very excited to have been asked on, and his attempt was so serious—and he was so powerful—that for a few minutes, I was truly fighting him off.

Read the rest here.

One thought on “David Brooks: “Don’t make up your mind about Kavanaugh without reading this”

  1. Their headline cutter (or perhaps the author) hasn’t any compunction about making defamatory remarks about Kavanaugh. Just how incredible and unsubstantiated does a contention about an inconvenient political adversary have to be before liberals can manage even to suspend judgment?

    That someone not Brett Kavanaugh assaulted Caitlin Flanigan (so she says) is irrelevant to assessing Kavanaugh or claims about Kavanaugh. So why is Brooks pushing this?


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