Do the Military Academy Teams Wear Nike Gear?

armyArmy does.

Arion Worthman, Keegan henderson, brandon lopez

Air Force does.

It will be interesting to see how these military academies handle Nike’s Colin Kaepernick ad campaign.

Here is how one Christian college responded.

It appears that the Naval Academy has a contract with Under Armour


2 thoughts on “Do the Military Academy Teams Wear Nike Gear?

  1. This is an article that deserves more research and contacting the Academies. I would say that Nike add is not going to affect the military academy at all. West Point’s move to Nike was only a few years ago when it made headlines about it’s rebranding. What would you expect from an organization that graduates communists and then puts them into leadership positions with our military. According to the Superintendents comments about such behaviors, is that it doesn’t fall in line with their “values”. Although this commercial I think falls right in line with their values- Football. People tend to forget that their tax dollars fund these academies and that the students at these academies attend tuition free and receive a paycheck (albeit small) while attending school. I’m glad you brought this to light and hope to see it expounded upon.


  2. Colin”s actions are certainly not in his self interest. It is just a cause (‘a flag’) many Americans have chosen to better OUR country. Dr King was one. To see this any other way is just simple minded.


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