The Court Evangelicals are Out in Full-Force Tonight

In case you have not heard, Donald Trump is having a big dinner right now for evangelical leaders.  It looks like a court evangelical extravaganza.

Click here to see what court evangelical Robert Jeffress is saying about it at the Christian Broadcasting Network.  Jeffress makes it all sound like a political calculation.  We need Trump and Trump needs us.

Court evangelical Johnnie Moore is there:

Court evangelical Gary Bauer is there:

Court evangelical Jack Graham is there:

Court evangelical Greg Laurie is there:

So are James Dobson, Jentezen Franklin, Samuel Rodriguez, and Ronnie Floyd:

Court Evangelical Eric Metaxas is yucking-it-up with fellow court evangelical Mike Pence (more on Metaxas in my next post.  Stay tuned)

Metaxas at Party

It also looks like court evangelical Tony Perkins got an invitation:

Trump finally said something nice about John McCain. I guess he did not want to come across as an unforgiving man with court evangelicals in the room:

Court evangelical Darryl Scott is there:

It wasn’t very hard to learn which evangelicals came to the White House tonight.  Many of them proudly tweeted to their followers and congregation as they relished in the power of the court and solidified their celebrity.

Some of you may be wondering what I mean by the term “court evangelical.”  I wrote a an entire chapter about these Christians in Believe Me: The Evangelical Road to Donald TrumpThat chapter builds off of several shorter pieces, including:

Trump threatens to change the course of American Christianity,” Washington Post, July 17, 2017

The term “court evangelical” has even made it into the Urban Dictionary.

Perhaps the court evangelicals should go back to their hotel rooms tonight and read 2 Samuel 12. (There is a Gideon Bible in the drawer).  Nathan was one of King David’s court prophets.  In other words, he had a “seat at the table.”  When David committed adultery with Bathsheba and then arranged for her husband, Uriah, to be killed on the battlefield to cover up David’s sins, Nathan rebuked his king.  He told David the story of a poor man whose beloved “little ewe lamb” was stolen by a self-centered rich man who had plenty of lambs but wanted the poor man’s only lamb to serve his guests.  When David’s anger “was greatly kindled” against the rich man in the story, Nathan said to the king, “You are the man!”

Will there be a Nathan in the room tonight?  Somehow I doubt it.

8 thoughts on “The Court Evangelicals are Out in Full-Force Tonight

  1. How I wish things were as simple as you suggest. Those evangelicals for whom Trump was a tortured, thoughtful, and, yes, wise seventeenth choice against the backdrop of an entire branch of government in disparate peril see statecraft more broadly.


  2. These people are not godly in any way. They are standing by a liar and adulterer Trump has live the life of a whoremongerer his whole life. He has exploited the very souls Christ gave his life for..Court Evangelicals is a cute term. God has more serious view Revelation 21.. They are lying to him and for him.
    I once spoke truth to a President before his inpeachmevt. It’s not that hard. It should have been done on this night and they talk bold before followers and nothing here. They should have with the Love of God not “love to power” I’m shaking my head thank you for posting who was there I’ve been searching the “who’s full of themselves Who list…I’ve heard there preaching over the years. It doesn’t surprise me. They are rich,famous and full of lies. This country is far from God and they know it. That’s why they are self affirming each other. In time they will be exposed. Then they can meet up through prison ministry.


  3. Yet thou were silent when Obama was doing the ripping.. I think you were meaning Planned Parenthood ripping childen out of Mothers for profit, that the left enjoy giving tax payer money too.. but who’s counting.


  4. One cannot stress the importance of the American people being aware that this American Taliban really, truly believes that they will be able to recreate this country into something resembling Iran. Rump has been a willing puppet of these evil, dangerous extremists since they struck a devil’s bargain back in his campaign days for him to enable this agenda in exchange for their support. That’s what he meant in the speech he gave at the Dinner for Schmucks at the White House. The mere fact that these ‘holier than thou’ scumbags choose to look the other way concerning Rump’s sexual misconduct should tell us that this is mainly about CONTROL, NOT morality. Well, the day America becomes a theocracy is the day I’ll be leaving, even if I have to crawl over the border and beg for political asylum in Mexico! I know that the majority of people feel as I do, so all we have to do is follow the lead of the extremists and MOBILIZE!!! The cherished freedoms that have always been the hallmark of the United States of America are in REAL DANGER here!!!


  5. Why do I get the impression that Mr Trump would hear “thou art the man,” and reply only, “Yes, I AM Da Man! Who’s Da Man? I’m Da Man! I’m Da Man! I’m Da Man!”?


  6. Maybe the story could be about children ripped from their mothers’ arms and transported a thousand miles away and losing track of where they were so that many may never see their children again. “thou art the man!”


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