Did the President of the United States Commit a Felony?

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump blows a kiss to supporters following a campaign rally in Akron

I am not a law professor, but if what Michael Cohen said today is true, then Donald Trump committed a felony:

A few quick thoughts:

  1. If true, it is unlikely that Congress will do anything about this.  Right and wrong, good and bad, and legal or illegal is defined by politics, not morality or truth.
  2. If history is any indication, Congress and other POTUS defenders will say that Trump, if guilty, should get a pass because this happened before he was the President.  After all, the economy is doing well right now.
  3. The Giuliani spin is coming.  I am guessing he will go with the “discredit Cohen” approach.  Stay tuned.

7 thoughts on “Did the President of the United States Commit a Felony?

  1. I think it’s too quick to conclude that Trump committed a legally provable felony based on Cohen’s plea. (It goes without saying that Trump did some morally reprehensible things that disqualify him from polite society and public office). The key legal piece seems to be the $130,000 payment, which is being treated as an excessive campaign contribution b/c of being made in the midst of the campaign and to further Trump’s election. But one could argue that Trump authorized the payment for a variety of reasons, not least to shield himself and his family from embarrassment. Might be really sleazy, but — see John Edwards — not necessarily something that would stick in court as a campaign finance violation if tried.

    Just saying don’t get overexcited!


  2. Not all Christians will be singing praise. But the conservative zealots that will, have helped brand ‘Evangelical’ as worth no more than a degree from Trump University. They are willing to sit back and watch the destruction of a nation, lead by an ignorant, delusional & criminal fraud, to get what they want for some imagined future reward. They are as complicit as Cohen in advocating and rewarding criminal, possibly treasonous, behavior in order to own a large chunk of the coercive power of the state to force their narrow agenda upon others and against the principles envisioned by the founders, framers, ratifiers and American legal and political tradition (specifically protection of the rights and equality of all citizens).

    Their hypocrisy with respect to Jesus’ teaching is astounding. They’re better described as strict constructionist Old Testamentarians than Christians (Evangelical or otherwise) or Americans sharing in the experiment.



  3. Trump’s denials of knowledge of the payments and other false statements about them occurred during his presidency. Making it both crimes by a private citizen candidate and crimes by a sitting president.


  4. I think he does have that power.
    Once granted it can not be revoked.
    But it could also constitute an impeachable act. IF congress has the integrity in that event to go that route.


    • When one Presidential Twitter Tweet will fill the streets with armbands, tiki torches, and AR-15s ready to fight for their Anointed One?

      Because here’s what happened in the elections of 2016:

      And when you’re Mad As Hell And You’re Not Going to Take It Any More, there is no such thing as collateral damage.


  5. Didn’t Giuliani say that “The President Has The Power to Issue a Presidential Pardon to Himself for Any Reason”?

    And all the Christians will chorus “AAAAAAAAA-MENNNNNNNN!!!!!”


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