Is White Christian Nationalism Christian?

Christian nationalismYes.

This is Daniel Jose Camacho‘s argument in The Christian Century.  Here is a taste:

I was reading something on Twitter that made me think of a question many are asking now: is white Christian nationalism a genuine expression of Christianity or is it a distortion of it? In other words, are white Christian nationalists practicing a kind of syncretism that mixes pure biblical Christianity with racist and nationalist beliefs?

My opinion: white nationalists are not necessarily distorting Christianity. Here’s my reasoning…

1. Calling this a distortion assumes that there is one pure “Christianity” when, in fact, there have always been various expressions of Christianities with some providing sanction to oppression and others resisting it. (More on this in point #6).

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I don’t have time to reflect on this right now, but I thought it might make for an interesting conversation.

4 thoughts on “Is White Christian Nationalism Christian?

  1. I have to think that white “Christian” nationalism is an aberration according to the NT. The early church was a multi-national body with members from a variety of nations and peoples. Jesus is savior of the world, not one particular body of people. He is Lord of the whole church. As for James Dunn’s views, it is too bad that he does not see the unity of the NT. If he is thinking of the Judaizers in the early church, it was they who were an aberration according to what Paul wrote in Galatians. Christian nationalists are syncretistic, making them odd man out. They need to repent and change their views.


  2. How do you define Christian? That’s a 2,000-year-old question.

    Scholar James Dunn wrote a great book years ago, “Unity and Diversity Within the NT,” that identified a whole slew of different Christian movements … within the New Testament itself.

    If someone self-identifies as a Christian, who has the right to say they are not?


  3. Not just us.
    Russia’s living through it as well; it’s an old, old pattern with the Russian Orthodox Church.
    And Islam’s been living through it since pretty much Year One of their calendar.


  4. And this issue is a the heart of all things:

    Am I a Christian first? Or American or Caucasian (or any other race for that matter).

    Christian illiteracy, which culminates in a lack or out right rejection of love and empathy, coupled with profit and power driven spiritual leadership has been a consistent anchor in dead water throughout the history of the church. We are living through a major iteration of that dark state as I type.


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