3 thoughts on “Let’s Not Forget This Part of Yesterday’s Helsinki Press Conference:

  1. I have seen on Fox “News” and personal media posts explanations of how terrible it was that a simple switch of “would” for “wouldn’t” resulted in all the uproar over the Helsinki summit press conference. That is Trump’s explanation. It is pretty unsettling that the President can offer this “correction” and so many accept it. That one sentence was important but very far from being an odd mistake. He made it very clear he doesn’t want to accept Russian election meddling because, as with everything, it’s all about him and making himself “great”.
    That whole performance was sickening.
    I had never watched more than a couple minutes of Fox “News” until this event. If I was a powerful person and wanted to shift our country from a democratic republic to some other form including a cult of personality around the leader I would invent Fox “News” as a critical part of the plan.


  2. This news brought to you by Captain Obvious. When Neville Chamberlain went to Munich to sign a treaty with Hitler, it was in the belief that it would mean peace in their time. Chamberlain miscalculated Hitler’s desire to establish his lebensraum and right the “wrongs” of the Treaty of Versailles but his intentions were good. The humiliating appeasement of Putin by Trump at this “meeting” is without precedent in American history. Trump is either w willing dupe because his massive (yet fragile) ego won’t allow him to admit to himself that Putin & Russia’s interference swung the election to him or there is incriminating evidence against Trump in possession of Russian Intelligence being used to blackmail him. Either way, the White House is now a wholly owned subsidiary of the Kremlin.


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