Explaining White Conservative Evangelical Support for Donald Trump in One Tweet

Jack Graham

I have been on the road for ten days speaking to audiences about why so many white evangelicals support Donald Trump.  At almost every stop on the Believe Me book tour someone asked me why evangelicals can support a man who is a nativist, xenophobe, nativist, adulterer, etc., and a man who separates children from families, trashes our NATO allies, and refuses to confront a Russian leader who undermined American democracy.

I have tried to dutifully answer that question at every stop along the way, but now it is time to let one of Trump’s supporters answer the question.  This tweet from court evangelical and Southern Baptist pastor Jack Graham explains a lot.  Graham tweeted this in response to Trump’s remarks in Helsinki.

It doesn’t matter what Trump does, as he long as he delivers the Supreme Court and follows the Christian Right’s political playbook.

One thought on “Explaining White Conservative Evangelical Support for Donald Trump in One Tweet

  1. Professor Fea:
    “Electing a Godly REPUBLICAN President Who Will Appoint a Supreme Court Justices Who Will Overturn Roe v Wade, Put Prayer Back In Schools, and Restore Our Christian Nation” (all one word) has been a Holy Grail of Christianese Culture War Activism since at least the Eighties. I remember encountering it at pro-life rallies during Reagan. And the GOP strung them along with that carrot for over 30 years.

    With Trump, they act like they’ve Taken the Mark on forehead AND right hand in bad Christian Apocalyptic fiction (of which Left Behind is far from the worst). But something the Court Evangelicals never seem to consider, as they gush over Trump like Bella over Edward (sparkle sparkle):

    If you take the interpretation of Revelation where the Beast represents a corrupt political system and the False Prophet a corrupt religious system; in all the End Times choreographies with these two, which is always the boss and which is the flunky?


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