The *Believe Me* Book Tour in West Virginia

CHarleston 1We had a spirited group last night in Charleston, West Virginia.  It included Trump supporters, mainline Protestant ministers, and teachers at a conservative evangelical Christian school.  (And those were just the folks who introduced themselves).  We talked about everything from gay marriage and Christian America to church-state separation and the Kanawha County textbook controversy.

Progressive Episcopalian Rev. James Lewis, one of the key players in the aforementioned textbook controversy, was present.  He shared his story of dealing with the Christian Right in the city of Charleston.  (I did not know who he was until I looked him up after the event).  We talked about Anabaptism, Messiah College, sexual politics in the church, and the evangelical left.  It was a real honor.

Those in the room had some serious differences about politics and social issues, but things remained civil and we worked hard to find as much common ground as possible.  I left encouraged.  Thanks to Taylor Books for hosting this stop on the tour.

Today we will be in Lynchburg, Virginia at Givens Books.  I hope to see you there!

Some more pics:

Charleston 2

Charleston 3

It was also great to meet Melanie Phelps!

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