The*Believe Me* Tour in Buckeye Country

Columbus 4Last night the Believe Me book tour rolled through Columbus, Ohio.  Thanks to the good folks at The Book Loft in the Historic German Village neighborhood for hosting this stop.  This was my first outdoor event.  The Book Loft has a shade-filled porch in the back of the store that provided a great venue on a warm (but not too hot) summer night.

Because of an error in local promotion, we did not have as large of a crowd as we had hoped we would, but those who did come out were deeply engaged with the subject of the book.  We had several members of a local Presbyterian Church in America congregation, a Liberty University student, and a few folks who drove to the event from Cincinnati!

The conversation was rich–the best on the tour so far.  I was encouraged as I listened to people of evangelical faith (and other forms of Christian faith) trying to make sense of our current political and religious moment.   The Liberty University student was an active critic of the pro-Trump stance of the school’s administration. We talked about how to speak the truth about Donald Trump without falling into cynicism. (Conclusion: it’s not easy!)  Nearly everyone in attendance had some connection–either in the past or present–to American evangelicalism.

After about two hours of conversation, I realized that the election of Donald Trump may be good for evangelical Christianity.  Some evangelicals seem to be coming to grips with the limits of power politics as a means to engaging the world.  Some are realizing that they need to put more trust in God rather than political strongmen.  In this sense, they are growing deeper in their faith.

Here are some pics:


Columbus 2

Columbus 1

I found a small “green room” on a library stool in the Book Loft’s travel section

We are in Louisville tomorrow night!  See you at Carmichael’s Bookstore!

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  1. Thanks for stopping in Columbus, John. This was a thought-provoking discussion. Looking for to reading the book.


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