The *Believe Me* Book Tour is Coming to Pittsburgh!

Post Gazette

I hope to see some of you tomorrow night, Tuesday July 10, when the Believe Me book tour comes to Penguin Bookshop in Sewickley, PA.  I am grateful to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette religion reporter Peter Smith for his story on the book.  (And we made the front page!).

Here is a taste:

Author John Fea recognizes those moments when a statistic contains the power of language. So he dedicated his new book “To the 19 percent.”

Mr. Fea, professor of history at Messiah College in Mechanicsburg (and a prolific blogger), is writing about one of the most-discussed statistics of late.

An estimated 81 percent of self-identified white evangelical Christians voted for Donald Trump in the 2016 election, according to exit polls.

In his new book, “Believe Me: The Evangelical Road to Donald Trump,” Mr. Fea attempts to explain why many white evangelicals would coalesce behind someone that others — including his fellow 19 percenters — see as a racist, mendacious and sexually predatory.

Mr. Fea delves into academic and political explanations — and yes, the current Supreme Court vacancy is a key factor, one that many evangelicals say vindicates their vote.

But what’s more personal are Mr. Fea’s encounters with readers on his book tour, which brings him to the Penguin Bookshop in Sewickley at 7 p.m. Tuesday.

At his recent book launch in Harrisburg, “I had at least two people come up to me who said they were very much isolated in their evangelical church,” he said. “One person talked about his faith being challenged by seeing fellow Christians casting their lot with a president who clearly does not represent the best of evangelical values.”

He’s heard from ministers who are “counseling more people on political-related issues because they’re so angry.”

So how to explain the vote?

Read the entire piece here.