Fox News Radio Host: “Apparently… There are Some So-Called Evangelical Christians Who Have a Problem With Patriotic Church Services”

Jeffress 2

Listen to Todd Starnes of Fox News and court evangelical Robert Jeffress talk about patriotic worship services.

A preview:

  • Starnes takes a shot at the critics of patriot worship services by calling them “so-called evangelical Christians.”
  • They criticize Michelle Boorstein’s recent Washington Post piece on patriotic sermons.
  • They take some shots at The Gospel Coalition, a group of theologically conservative evangelical Calvinists.  Starnes makes the Gospel Coalition sound like they are some kind of left-wing progressive group.
  • They call Christianity Today and The Washington Post “fake news.”
  • They continue to peddle the false notion that America was founded as a Christian nation.

To be fair, Jeffress does make a good point about anti-Trump evangelicals when he says “they can’t reconcile [President Trump] with their faith.”

Does anyone else see a realignment taking place in American evangelicalism?

3 thoughts on “Fox News Radio Host: “Apparently… There are Some So-Called Evangelical Christians Who Have a Problem With Patriotic Church Services”

  1. Not sure having a service to thank God specially for our country, military, etc. is wrong if a special Mother’s Day service is OK…so long as mother-worship and country-worship are not taking place. That’s something you have to look at from specific service to specific service. I don’t buy the argument that any patriotic service is automatically bad.


  2. Jeffress needs to be careful with his accusations. The WaPo article did not say the “hymn” was sung in the church. It only states that it was written by one of the music ministers in the church. Calling C.T. “fake news” is laughable. It is a publication of integrity – something Jeffress knows nothing about. What a crock.


  3. I think the so-called evangelicals are those who hold patriotic services when there is no command in Scripture to do so. Using Honor to whom honor is due to justify honoring members of the military is misuse of the text. I cannot imagine Jesus doing that. Starnes and Jeffress can make fun of us all they want, but I think those of us who do not follow the civil calendar for worship are the ones who please God.


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