My Piece at *The Atlantic*: “Evangelical Fear Elected Trump”

Trump court evangelicals

This piece draws from Believe Me: The Evangelical Road to Donald Trump, but it also include material that is not in the book.

A taste:

White conservative evangelicals in America are anxious people. I know because I am one.

Our sense of fear, perhaps more than any other factor, explains why evangelicals voted in such large numbers for Donald Trump in 2016 and continue to support his presidency.


The Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist and essayist Marilynne Robinson once wrote, “Fear is not a Christian habit of mind.” The great poet of the Jersey shore, Bruce Springsteen, sings, “Fear’s a dangerous thing. It can turn your heart black you can trust. It can take a God-filled soul, and turn it to devils and dust.”

One thought on “My Piece at *The Atlantic*: “Evangelical Fear Elected Trump”

  1. Good piece, John. Two thoughts:

    1) I wish you had addressed the question of what it says about evangelicalism that it ends up on the “fearful” side of history so often. Why is that?

    2) Too much credence to the idea that part of Trump’s support in the last election was anti-Hilary. The truth is that churches and religious right organizations have been demonizing every Democrat for decades. Kerry, Dukakis, Obama, Clinton, Gore, all have been through the exact same thing. Not just on the presidential level, either.

    Still, you do Messiah proud.


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