Paige Patterson on His Firing: “We are of course hurt, but we did not compromise”


Wow!  Patterson believes he has done nothing wrong and will not apologize.  Read-up on this whole mess here.  The quote in the title of this post comes from Bob Allen’s article at Baptist News Global.  Here is a taste:

Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary’s new president emeritus offered no new apologies in his first words to the campus community since his removal as the school’s president.

“We are of course hurt, but we did not compromise,” Paige and Dorothy Patterson said in an email hours after Tuesday’s marathon trustee meeting precipitated by a backlash to his previous comments about women. “What matters in all this is not the lives of a couple of old soldiers, but your bright futures for Christ.”

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2 thoughts on “Paige Patterson on His Firing: “We are of course hurt, but we did not compromise”

  1. For any leadership role or position of authority, there are prerequisite qualifications that don’t show up in the job description. Some of these are less tangible, but are still important. In his response, Paige has confirmed that for whatever technical skills and background he brought, he was not qualified to hold his position. He may or may not ever come to understand that, and one can sympathize to some degree if he was raised in the “boys will be boys” culture, and is genuinely befuddled by all the fuss — but that sympathy stops cold when one imagines one’s own sister, mother, daughter, friend, etc. struggling with an abusive relationship and receiving Paige’s fraught counsel.


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