Paige Patterson’s Supporters

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Paige Patterson is out as president of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, but he still has his defenders.

On Monday, we did a post on Sarah Pulliam Bailey’s reporting that Patterson, while serving as president of Southeastern Baptist Seminary in North Carolina, told a woman not to report an alleged rape to police and asked the woman to forgive the rapist. Rick Patrick, the pastor of First Baptist Church of Sylacuaga, Alabama and an apparent defender of Patterson, responded to the Bailey’s piece with this tweet:


Disgusting.  In case you are unfamiliar with the people mentioned in the tweet, they are all prominent Southern Baptists who have called for Patterson to resign.  As conservative blogger Rod Dreher put it:

A woman claims she was raped at a Southern Baptist seminary led by Paige Patterson, who urged her to stay silent about it (“They shamed the crap out of me,” she told the Post), and then put her on probation for two years (the victim does not know why, but she senses that it was because she let a man into her home). And the pastor of First Baptist Church of Sylacauga, Alabama, makes fun of her, of the rape, and of Southern Baptist men who have publicly spoken out against Patterson’s prior remarks about women and violence!

Patrick has now apologized.

I apparently don’t have the same hotline to God that Al Mohler has, but he may be right when he says that “the judgement of God…has now come to the house of the Southern Baptist Convention.”