Paige Patterson Prepared a PowerPoint Presentation to the Southwestern Seminary Board to Prove He Was “Under Attack”


If you are interested in this whole Paige Patterson mess, read this long blog post from Wade Burleson, a Southern Baptist pastor and critic of Patterson.  Burleson claims to have taken the rape cover-up story to The Washington Post.

Here is a taste:

Within an hour of reporting the assault, Paige Patterson contacted the woman and asked her to “come to my office.” If you’ve ever been in Paige Patterson’s office, you know that there are a lot of trophy game, dead animals that are displayed. As the rape victim recounted to us her story, I had a visual in my mind of this 23-year-old walking into the den of death.

I asked her, “Did anybody go with you?

“No,” she told my wife and me over the speakerphone, “I went by myself.”

When the rape victim arrived, Paige Patterson introduced the traumatized woman to three men in the office, men Patterson introduced as “my proteges.”

I am reserving details about that interrogation until I am able to speak with the other men in the room.  What I can say is that this woman, after being traumatized to reveal every sordid detail of the assault to four men, was told by Dr. Paige Patterson not to go to legal authorities.

I believed her story immediately.

One more taste:

One of the advantages of writing a blog for 13 years and consistently pointing out problems in the Southern Baptist Convention is that people want to tell you their stories. I don’t write gossip. I don’t write lies. I don’t write slander.

I tell the truth. And so does the Washington Post.

I’ve been told that when Paige Patterson spoke to the trustees last night in a full-court press to save his job, his home, his salary, etc… he presented a power point presentation to prove he’s “under attack.” The problems are never Paige’s beliefs or Paige’s actions or Paige’s leadership. The problem is that evil Wade Burleson, the devil incarnate, and others.

I understand why Paige believes that to be so. He doesn’t see that disagreement among Christians shouldn’t mean we don’t cooperate. You’re either for him, or you’re against him. You’re for God, or with the devil.

Respectfully, SWBTS trustees, I’ve been telling you for over a decade there are huge problems at your institution and throughout the SBC. Your enrollment numbers stare you in the face every trustee meeting. In dysfunctional systems, the person who asks the questions about the problem becomes the problem to the ones being questioned.

Read the entire post here.